Bioheat® Fuel vs. Regular Heating Oil, What You Need To Know

bioheat and carbon neutrality and net zero emissions

Homeowners who use fuel oil can utilize an environmentally-friendly heating oil blend of Ultra-low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) and biodiesel. Wilcox Energy delivers Bioheat® heating oil to all our clients. With this, our customers will receive the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly heating oil compared to regular heating oil.

Wilcox Energy is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for future generations. This article discusses regular heating oil versus Bioheat® heating oil. Read on to learn all you need to know about the comfort, convenience, and environmental stability you can achieve when you use Bioheat® heating oil!

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Bioheat® Heating Oil – Renewable Resources

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Bioheat® fuel is a powerful home heating option. This heating oil offers a cleaner burn because it is made of various renewable agricultural byproducts, such as inedible corn oil, soybean oil, and other recycled oils. It undergoes a process that generates a renewable resource for fuel oil heating systems to burn. This vastly differs from conventional heating oil, which utilizes fossil fuels for heat generation.

Bioheat® heating oil is an energy-efficient source of fuel that uses soybean oil, vegetable oils, and other usual waste products. It is mixed with ultra-low sulfur heating oil to produce a cleaner-burning fuel.

This fuel mixture generates a product that can lower carbon emissions by combining animal fat, animal oil, recycled grease, and algae oil with standard diesel fuel, usually made of 20% biodiesel. Bioheat® heating oil is the final product and is typically combined with diesel fuel and heating oil so that an effective, environmentally-friendly lower sulfur Bioheat® fuel is created.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The best feature renewable resources like Bioheat® fuel has is that they can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Adding Bioheat® fuels to conventional heating oil generates fuel mixtures that reduce the overall fossil fuel consumption. This is undoubtedly better for the environment.

How much carbon content heating oil has depends on the blend level. Common biodiesel blends are B5 and B20, which have a 5% and 20% blend of biodiesel. There is also the B50, which is a 50% biodiesel blend, and the 100% biodiesel blend called B100.

The reduction level of carbon content is dependent on the specific blend. Currently, homeowners can effectively use B20 to lower their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20%.

Over time, biofuel blends improve so homeowners can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at a higher rate.

Heating Equipment – No Modifications Needed!

Using Bioheat® oil to heat a home is a very exciting endeavor. Moreover, homeowners can utilize these potent renewable resources without making any modifications to their existing home heating units.

The downside is that a lot of homeowners think that they need to make alterations to their heating equipment and spend a considerable amount on upgrading their systems so they can use Bioheat® fuel. This is far from the truth.

Homeowners don’t need to alter their heating systems or storage tanks in any way to use this renewable energy source. As a matter of fact, no changes are required at all, regardless if it’s the first or 100th-time homeowners use it.

Many people believe that the future of home heating is this renewable heating oil. This is excellent news because homeowners can use it immediately without the need to make any kind of heating system modifications.

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Conventional Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil and diesel oil are distillates. They are a source of fuel composed of petroleum. This oil is used for heating homes and offices. They are usually sold to be used in boilers, water heaters, and furnaces.

Traditional heating oil is imported from other countries or taken from domestic oil refineries. More recently, heating oil suppliers are mixing biofuel into petroleum distillate to create a more renewable fuel while reducing greenhouse gasses. Heating oil is delivered directly to consumers after storing them in storage terminals owned by Wilcox Energy and other suppliers.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil, or ULSHO, is a fuel source containing a significantly less amount of sulfur than the typical 500 ppm. This fuel positively affects the environment as it limits the sulfur content to less than 1%. It also minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and improves the whole environment.

Fuels that have less sulfur content also have less sulfur dioxide emissions. This way, there is less unnecessary acid rain and haze. It can also help minimize the number of lung and heart-related illnesses.

The industry aims to achieve a 100% carbon neutral solution by 2050. Replacing ULSHO with 100% biofuel can accomplish this. Our aim is to ensure Bioheat® fuel has 100% carbon-free emissions before the industry-mandated deadline in 2050.

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Bioheat® Heating Oil – Standards Towards Reducing Carbon Emissions Today

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The Paris Agreement was signed by 196 countries that decided to work together to reduce the rising temperatures. This unprecedented unity hopes to keep the average temperature from increasing by 2°C, with the overall goal of preventing it from rising below 1.5°C.

The use of Bioheat® heating oil solution helps make this happen as it reduces and eventually eliminates greenhouse gasses. Today, our clients reduce their carbon emissions from heating equipment by up to 20% every year, which will only improve as time passes because our Bioheat® oil becomes eco-friendlier.

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As mentioned above, Bioheat® heating oil packs all the benefits of a premium heating oil in one. It can be used with traditional heating systems without any adjustments, cutting the costs of modifications and converting to other heat sources. As a biodiesel and ULSHO (ultra-low sulfur heating oil) blend, your heater runs more efficiently and cleaner while preserving its condition. Bioheat® heating oil uses 100% biodiesel to create a blend with lower carbon emissions, making it a safer choice for the environment and a safer option to use in your home.

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