How Long Should I Expect An Air Conditioner Installation To Take?

cooling seasonSummer is nearly here, and that means homes must prepare quickly for the coming heat. They should have a reliable cooling system to stay comfortable during the season. Fully functioning air conditioners can get the job done.

This might not be the case if the unit is operating longer than the average lifespan. The machine may no longer be able to perform under extreme conditions, as is common in the peak of the summer heat. You may require an air conditioner replacement right away.

Installing a new air conditioner will take time. However, the exact length of this will depend on several factors. In this article, we discuss some of the factors that impact the length of time that an air conditioner installation takes.

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Factors To Consider For An Air Conditioner Replacement Mystic CT

If you are planning to replace your old A/C, then knowing how long the process will take is helpful when making decisions along the way.

1. Total House Size Is A Factor For An Air Conditioner Replacement

The primary consideration is the size of the space which the unit will need to cool. For central air conditioning, an HVAC contractor will have to measure the whole house in terms of floor area, ceiling height, prevailing climate, structural orientation, and much more. These are necessary for the rigorous computations for household cooling requirements. In the HVAC industry, HVAC experts commonly refer to this as the Manual J calculation. This extra step will help you avoid picking an incorrectly sized unit. You won’t have to worry about paying too much for a large system or being stuck with a small unit that struggles to cool down the home.

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2. Air Conditioner Installation Type

air conditioner replacementYou can take different approaches to replace your old air conditioner. The most common way to do it is to remove the existing unit and put a new one in its place. This process is fast and straightforward, so it is the ideal option if you are pressed for time. You can leave all the other parts of the system intact, including the network of ducts. Experienced HVAC contractors should be able to finish this within a day if there are no other issues to take care of.

On the other hand, doing a full air conditioning system replacement takes a lot more skill and effort. It will also be more costly than a simple air conditioning unit replacement. You might have to allow up to 5 days for the entire project if dealing with a residential property. It can be quite disruptive on the occupants, but it may be necessary if the old components are already damaged. This is usually the case with homes that are many decades old. Instead of dealing with an inefficient system, you can start fresh with a full air conditioner installation.

3. Air Conditioner Design Type

Several designs are available to meet a variety of needs. Each of them requires a unique installation process. For example, central air conditioning calls for multi-day installation since the ducts will have to be placed all over the house. In contrast, ductless systems can be completed in under a day for single head installations. If there are many heads, then this may be extended for up to two days depending on the complexity of the configuration.

You should always consider the cooling system type when scheduling the installation as technicians will have to tailor the process to the design of the equipment. The fastest air conditioner replacements are finished in less than a day while the most complex home installation takes several days. If you want an exact figure, consult a local HVAC contractor.

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4. Cooling System Location

consultationThe location of the A/C unit will also influence the timeline. Of course, things will proceed much quicker if the area is easily accessible. On the other hand, the technicians could take longer if they have multiple challenges to get to the desired area. It is for this reason that a lot of households choose the garage as the HVAC base of operation. People can walk in and out without a problem. Sometimes, however, an HVAC contractor will need to place the units on rooftops, basements, and other hard to reach areas. Special equipment may have to be rented to complete the air conditioner installation.

5. AC Path Availability

An HVAC contractor will need to connect multiple components by ducts and wires. If the installation involves more than one room, then these lines will need to cross solid walls. Some homes are built with this in mind, so it is easy to find paths. Others have the benefit of prior installations which an HVAC contractor could simply replicate, making the whole process fast and effortless. It is the new installations that could take time because of the need to drill holes at strategic areas without harming the structure.


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Now that you know all of the factors and how they influence air conditioner installation time, you can get a clearer idea of what to expect given your own circumstances and preferences. The next thing that you should do is to locate skilled HVAC technicians who can perform the job for you. The knowledge and experience will enable them to complete the process with excellent results. They will finish fast to minimize disruption.

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