How Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

ceiling fan and air conditionerWhen a ceiling fan is used to cool an area, it uses convection or moving air to make the room feel cooler. While an air conditioner uses a refrigerant to drop the air temperature, the air from a ceiling fan does not affect air temperature at all. The convection causes an evaporating effect on body heat. This process helps you feel cooler, although the actual air temperature does not change.

In colder climates, ceiling fans can help to keep a home warm by taking the heat that rises toward the ceiling and pushing it back down, redistributing it more evenly. Using a ceiling fan to keep your home warm can be an energy-efficient way to stay comfortable when it is cold outside.

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Energy Efficient Homes Centerbrook CT: How A Ceiling Fan Cools A Home

A ceiling fan can be used in place of or in conjunction with air conditioning. When used with an air conditioner, the fan spreads the cooled air continuously. The blades are made in such a way that the direction of the spin can either push air down or pull it up.

You should be able to feel the air blowing on you when you are under ceiling fan during the summer. If you do not feel the air moving, the fan is spinning the wrong way. You will need to turn it off and change the direction of the fan.

When installed and used properly, a ceiling fan can help you save money on air conditioning. You can set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher than you would normally. The ceiling fan can keep you just as cool as the AC would if it were set to a lower temperature.

Considerations For Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan For Your Home

energy costsBigger fans generate more air and cool larger spaces. A room of standard size should have a 44-inch fan.

The number of blades on your fan matters as well. Contrary to how it may seem, a larger number of blades do not increase the airflow better than one with a few blades. In fact, more blades cause airflow to slow down.

If you buy a ceiling fan with a light attached, you should be careful to choose bulbs that produce lower amounts of energy. Typical incandescent bulbs produce heat and can be counterproductive for cooling. For best results, use more efficient LED light bulbs.

Unlike air conditioning, which keeps air cool whether or not there are people in the room, a ceiling fan helps to cool people, not the room itself. Leaving a fan on when you are not in a room will only waste electricity. It is a good idea to turn the fan off when you leave a room.

Use A Fan To Save Money While Cooling Your Home

According to research done by Lifehacker, a ceiling fan can lower the temperature by as much as 4 degrees.[1] When you can set your AC’s thermostat higher, the temperature will stay at a comfortable temperature and your air conditioner will run less. Studies done in Australia indicate that setting your thermostat 4 degrees higher and using a ceiling fan in your home can save 23 percent on air conditioning bills.

You can save as much as 34 dollars a month by using a ceiling fan. If you use your fan for 18 hours a day for a month, it will add less than $6 to your energy bill. You can keep cool and save more than 100 dollars a year in the average climate. If you live in a constantly hot climate, you can save even more money. On days that outside temperatures are milder, you may not need to turn on your air conditioner at all.

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Save Money On Home AC Repairs With The Use Of A Fan

When you raise your thermostat and use a fan to make up for the difference, you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit. The motor runs less and this reduces the amount of wear, effectively making it last longer. This not only saves on energy bills but increases savings on air conditioning repair.


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