Three Things That Can Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Home HVAC System

central air conditionerWhile no piece of equipment will truly last forever, there are a few things that can endure for quite a long time. This aspect is especially true if the right steps are taken to maintain them. Your home heating and cooling equipment are no different.

HVAC systems can last 15 years or even longer. Every home can enjoy this manner of longevity by merely following the best practices for HVAC system maintenance. However, you’ll additionally want to avoid a few common mistakes that might dramatically reduce the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

HVAC Company Central Waterford CT: 3 Things That Can Diminish The Lifespan Of Your HVAC System

Following are several essential things to keep in mind:

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1. Failure To Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

Routine care is a vital part of extending the lifespan of any machine or system. Homeowners can do their due diligence by regularly cleaning their HVAC units. Cleaning includes removing any debris that surrounds these systems. Also, homeowners should replace their air filters before these become clogged with dust, dirt, and any other particulates.

However, many essential HVAC maintenance tasks are very complex and technical. For these, you will need to have the training and expertise of a knowledgeable HVAC technician. The general rule is to schedule a yearly tune-up for every system. Schedule one in the spring for your AC system and one in the fall for your heating system. This is a very affordable service that can create a considerable amount of savings over the long-term.

During an annual maintenance tune-up for your HVAC system, your contractor will perform an inspection of each of the unit’s components that are likely to break down. Preventative measures can be employed like lubrication and deep cleaning, electronics testing, and even the performance of minor repairs as needed. With this assistance, HVAC systems are often able to perform almost as good as they did when they were first installed. It is essential to maintain a high level of efficiency in these systems as well to enjoy a manageable level of energy consumption. This is an effort that will keep your monthly utility charges consistently low.

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2. Over-Stressing Your Home Heating And Cooling Equipment

cranking hvac systemAnyone who works too hard will invariably burn out at one time or another. This is also the case with machines. You will shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system by making it work harder than it’s supposed to. Although you can set your AC’s temperature to a near-freezing temperature, this doesn’t mean that this is the right thing to do. Although you also can crank up your heat and make your furnace work harder, this isn’t a decision that you should make too frequently. More often than not, you should opt for a moderate thermostat setting for balanced system stress and home comfort.

When it feels much hotter than it usually does, you can supplement your AC system with fans. Wind has an evaporative cooling effect on the skin that you definitely don’t want to overlook. You’ll wind up using far less energy when you have this multi-pronged setup than you would if dramatically lowering your AC temperature settings.

Closing off air vents throughout various locations in your home is another mistake that you need to avoid. This produces backpressure which then forces air into rooms that do not need to be cooled down. Backpressure can be a huge additional burden on your central AC equipment.

3. Overlooking The Warning Signs Of HVAC Damage

homeowner who needs furnace serviceAs HVAC systems grow older, issues will start to arise. Catching these early on will help limit the amount of damage that they ultimately create. Initiating timely HVAC repairs tends to be a lot easier, faster, and cheaper in the long run. Complete HVAC system breakdowns can be staved off and avoided. Sadly, few consumers are proactive in dealing with minor problems like these. Many are simply happy to let their systems continue running despite evidence of leaks, smells, inefficiency, and strange sounds. They only take action when their HVAC problems are so severe that they can no longer be ignored.

The real problem with delays like these is that minor issues have the opportunity to spiral out of control. By the time you finally do get around to dealing with it, your repair costs could be in the hundreds or thousands. It may be necessary to replace one or more major components. You may need to spend a significant amount of time waiting before everything is as it should be.

If you continue to ignore any red flags that your seeing, then various components can actually fail until your repair bill is downright astronomical. You might find yourself having to change out the entire system and pay for a total system replacement.

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These are all preventable problems. By scheduling routine maintenance, limiting overall system stress, and setting up timely repairs, then you are able to extend the lifespan of your home HVAC system. Make sure to contact a reputable and reliable HVAC company to address all of your home comfort, heating, and cooling requirements.

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