4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Dog And Cat Owners

hvac servicesPet owners enjoy having furry friends in the house, and many people even treat their pets as though they are part of the family. Pets are lots of fun, comforting, and help to reduce stress. However, caring for them can be quite a challenge. Dogs and cats sometimes damage furniture or make a mess in the home. Also, their fur and dander can cause problems when it makes its way into HVAC systems.

HVAC Service Near Me Deep River CT: Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

It is essential for pet owners to protect their expensive HVAC system to avoid costly repairs. Fortunately, it is easy for homeowners to prevent problems once they know what to do. People with dogs and cats can protect their system by following these four steps:

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1. Frequent Pet Grooming

It is always better to take steps that will prevent potential problems rather than pay for expensive repairs later on. Pet owners can reduce the amount of pet dander and fur in their home by grooming their pet often. Cats or dogs with longer fur should be brushed quite regularly. It is better for hair to be brushed off of the pet before it falls on the floor and furniture. Bathing pets on a regular basis can also help to reduce the amount of hair that will end up in the home. It also helps your dog or cat to have healthy skin and shiny fur. Pet owners should ask their veterinarian how often they should groom and bathe their pets.

2. Change The HVAC Air Filter Before It Clogs

HVAC air filterHVAC filters are designed to block dust, dirt, and debris from entering the system. Filters can become quite dirty within a short amount of time. Manufacturers recommend that homeowners clean or change the air filters in their home every few months. Although this schedule is perfect for many households, it may not be often enough for homes that include cats or dogs. It is a good idea for pet owners to check their filter once per month to see if it needs to be changed.

Changing the air filter before it becomes clogged with debris will protect the health of everyone in the household and also keep the HVAC system running efficiently.

Pet hair can clog the air filters and prevent air from flowing correctly. Once clogged, the air filters will prevent the HVAC system from running efficiently. The system will have to work much harder and use a greater amount of energy to keep the house cooled or heated. In some cases, the entire system will shut down after the air filter becomes clogged. Air filters are inexpensive and it is fairly simple to change them. Homeowners who change their air filter before it becomes clogged will keep their HVAC system running efficiently throughout the year.

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3. Use A Purification System To Improve Air Quality

An air purification system removes contaminants from indoor air so everyone in the home can breathe fresh, clean air twenty-four hours per day. An excellent purification system removes 99% of contaminants, ridding the air of pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold spores. Those who have allergies will feel immediate relief. Having clean indoor air will improve the health of everyone living in the home and will also prevent debris from entering into the HVAC system.

4. Maintain Your Heating And Cooling System Regularly

HVAC technicianHomeowners should set up two HVAC maintenance appointments each year. The cooling system should be serviced each spring before the hot summer season arrives. Likewise, the heating system should receive fall tune-ups before the weather gets too cold. Professional HVAC technicians will visit the home to clean the system with their specialized equipment and check to see whether everything is running as well as it should be. Homeowners can contact their local HVAC company to book their next maintenance appointment.

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