6 Things That Lead To Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

hvac repairSometimes air conditioners stop working, and repair costs might depend on more than one element. Normally, the costs are tied to the type of issue you have. Also, the HVAC company that you choose to work with is a price factor on final air conditioner repair costs.

No matter what problem you have with your air conditioning unit, breakdown costs add up throughout time and multiple technician visits. On the other hand, preventative maintenance will lower expenses and headaches.

Take advantage of that by scheduling a yearly air conditioner tune-up every spring, just in time for use during the summer months.

When you become a homeowner, it is important to understand the types of common problems with air conditioners. While some issues are prevented with simple maintenance, other problems happen due to normal system wear and tear.

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6 Problems That Cause An Expensive Air Conditioner Repair Centerbrook CT

In this article, we discuss six types of issues that are common and often lead to an air conditioner breakdown:

1. AC Coolant Leak

Even the smallest of cracks or holes in your air conditioner refrigeration system will cause the refrigerant to leak. In that case, the AC unit stops cooling your home, even if the fans are running correctly.

The air that comes out of the air handler, or the air ducts, will certainly not be cool. This happens because the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and passes through the condenser. Then, it dumps this heat outside. In other words, once you run out of enough coolant in the system, your AC is unable to conduct proper heat exchange.

You can fix this problem by calling your HVAC service provider and asking them to plug the coolant leak and recharge your AC unit accordingly. If you happen to be around Connecticut’s southern shoreline, call the experts at Wilcox Energy.

2. Broken Or Faulty Thermostat

thermostatThermostats may lose calibration naturally. The result is your AC behaving erratically, turning itself on or off. In other words, the AC will not turn itself on when the room temperature goes above your chosen temperature. The thermostat might break down as well, which is also another reason why your AC unit will not turn on when needed.

If the thermostat is simply off calibration, all you need is to call an HVAC contractor and get it recalibrated. If the thermostat is faulty, you will then need to replace it.

3. HVAC Air Filter is Clogged

When dust and debris clog your AC air filters, the air stops flowing smoothly as it is supposed to. Then, two things happen: first, moisture will accumulate around the evaporator coils, and the AC unit will freeze. Second, your home will not be cool due to an insufficient amount of cool air production.

A frozen air conditioner can be a serious (and expensive) problem that a homeowner can experience. Fortunately, this issue is avoidable with regular air filter replacements.

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4. HVAC Air Ducts Are Leaking

All it takes for cooled air leakage are loose joints, holes, or even small cracks in your air ducts. This is a big factor in reducing your air conditioner efficiency. Not only that, but the air quality inside your home will also be reduced if dust and debris get sucked into the air ducts because of the same leaks.

5. Air Condenser Or Handler With Fan Issues

air conditioner condenserAny AC unit has two main fans. The first is outside in the condenser unit. The second is inside the air handler. If one or both of these fans have problems, you will not have cool air inside your home. Contact a trusted HVAC company to keep these fans lubricated and clean to reduce breakdowns and minimize air conditioner repair costs.

6. AC Unit Has Dirty Coils

It is normal for dust and dirt to cover the evaporator and the condenser coils gradually. That reduces the AC cooling power because the coolant that passes through the coils cannot dump heat outside or absorb heat inside your home. In short, it takes longer to make your home feel comfortable.

Ensuring proper your AC unit works properly and doesn’t break down is just a matter of regularly maintaining your air conditioner by an expert technician. Good HVAC maintenance ensures a thorough cleaning in all components to get rid of dust and impurities. Proper lubrication will also be applied in moving and rotating parts and the thermostats will also get recalibrated. A good HVAC technician will also verify if any of your thermostats are outdated and suggest an updated, programmable model. Make sure to hire competent HVAC contractors for your AC unit maintenance – the best teams are also able to provide repair services along with the yearly maintenance jobs.

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