How To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

high humidity in homeNo matter where you are, high humidity can make you uncomfortable. When humidity is an issue inside your home, it can make you feel completely miserable. When humidity rises with temperatures outside, it can affect you inside, even when you have a quality HVAC system installed.

The majority of digital thermostats have humidity control included, but many people are confused as to how to go about programming them. A licensed HVAC technician can program your thermostat for you, whether it is in your home or business.

Lower Humidity In House: Why Does My Home Feel So Humid?

HVAC professionals can lower humidity on your thermostat or install a dehumidifier to take care of the problem. They can also give you advice on how to keep moisture from taking over. Scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC is important for keeping your HVAC system running at its best. Following are a few tips for reducing humidity in your home.

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Lower Humidity In Your Home With Fans

When you are dealing with high humidity, it can be hard to sleep. You may experience excessive perspiration. Your hair may become frizzy. Breathing problems can be worsened. Molds and mildews can become a bigger issue.

Installing and using ceiling fans in the rooms of your home can help to fight humidity. Ceiling fans help to keep you comfortable and are energy-efficient. The simple act of circulating air throughout your home lowers humidity through evaporation and helps to prevent fungus, which grows quickly in moist, unmoving air.

Lower Humidity By Ventilating Your House

ventilation fansImproper ventilation is a big factor for extreme levels of humidity. HVAC technicians can inspect the air return in your home or business. They will check ducts for obstructions that can keep air from getting through and make sure air from your bathrooms and kitchen is going outside rather than up into ceilings and attics.

One way of lowering humidity is to turn on ventilation fans and open doors and windows a crack. This helps to blow out the stale air and humidity. It also encourages the flow of fresh, drier air. Ventilation fans can remove humid air from washers and dryers and vent humidity from showers, thereby discouraging the growth of mildew and molds.

Lower Humidity By Taking Cooler Showers

Rather than taking those long hot showers, take cooler showers for a shorter amount of time. Hot showers may feel great, but they raise the temperature and humidity throughout the area. The steam from hot showers keeps moisture in the room and spreads into other areas. When you opt for cooler showers, you help keep humidity out of the air and re-energize yourself at the same time. Taking a cold shower with an open bathroom door helps to bring in even more air.

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Lower Humidity By Installing Dehumidifiers In Your Home

A dehumidifier does just what it sounds like. It removes humidity from the air. They can keep your home cooler while removing extra moisture. If you are interested in a dehumidifier, contact your local HVAC service for more information on installation.

Lower Humidity With Air Conditioning

air conditionerAir conditioning units are made to cool your home. Most ACs also reduce the amount of moisture. You can do this with your AC unit by setting the levels on your digital thermostat. If you are still using an older thermostat, you can have it replaced by calling in HVAC professionals.

Keep Humidity Low With Regular HVAC Maintenance

While dehumidifiers and efficient HVAC systems are wonderful for lowering humidity, even the best can break down and must be fixed or replaced. When dehumidifiers and ACs fail, the humidity and heat increase dramatically.

The best way to prevent this is through regular air conditioner maintenance. You should have your HVAC system inspected twice every year. By doing this, you can catch most problems before they become a big issue. Your HVAC service should check your entire system for any leaks, make sure everything is working as it should, and keep refrigerant levels full.

It is important to schedule regular maintenance through your HVAC company. Ask the technicians who specialize in this area how you can keep humidity levels as low as possible.

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