Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell So Awful?

air conditioner repairAs seasons come and go, some homeowners experience strange odors being pumped into their homes via their HVAC ducts. Some describe the smell as being similar to dirty socks, which could turn a relaxing day at home into an unpleasant experience. No one really wants to come home to smell an overwhelming odor of dirty socks after a hard day!

However, does that mean your AC system is broken? Do you need immediate air conditioner repair? Is the system about to completely fail? Naturally, homeowners will ask questions like these when any unusual odor is being emitted from their HVAC system.

This “dirty sock syndrome” does not represent a red-alert situation. On the other hand, you still need to call a trusted HVAC company. They can evaluate the seriousness of the situation, and they will know how to remedy it.
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Air Conditioner Repair Haddam CT: Why Does My AC Smell Bad?

Here is an overview of the most likely culprits to the problem and how you can remedy each situation.

What Causes The Air Conditioner To Smell?

If the air in your home starts smelling like dirty socks, the number one suspect is a dirty air conditioning or heat pump coil. A wide variety of impurities eventually get onto the coil, turning it into a virtual microorganism test tube that emits strong bad smells.

This is also the worst place for hosting odors because the HVAC system naturally spreads them throughout your entire home through the HVAC ducts.

respiratory problemsWorst yet, mold can also develop on the coil, meaning even more problems. More than bad odors, mold can also cause health problems for you, your family, and even your pets, bringing extra risks to elderly adults and small children.

The cause of most of the bad odors, regardless if the cause is mold or other agents, is a buildup of moisture on the coil itself. Sometimes you don’t use the system very often during the in-between seasons. That is when water accumulates, attracting impurities that cause bad smells.

Having a faulty draining system is another common cause for water buildup. That happens when the drain lines get clogged, have a slope that won’t allow for proper drainage, or develop cracks and holes after a lifetime of use.

At last, when the air-return system allows dust and other impurities adhering to the coil, then the dirty sock fragrance will soon be spread everywhere. When there are leaks in the return duct, that dusty air gets in the HVAC system and ends up directly into the moist areas. In other words, it usually ends up on the coil itself.

Solutions An HVAC Expert Can Provide

The dirty sock syndrome may not be an immediate emergency, but that doesn’t mean it is unimportant.

It can cause serious problems. That is especially true when it involves mold, and your coil is contaminated with impurities. Always call a trusted HVAC contractor as soon as you smell anything strange coming from your AC or heating systems.

Trained heating and cooling experts can determine immediately whether your coil needs cleaning or is too far gone and requires replacing. Homeowners need to understand that most coil replacements take place while the unit remains under manufacturer warranty.

The warranty covers a new coil in the vast majority of cases. Fortunately, when all you need to do is to clean the coil, there is a minimal cost involved. The technician only needs to use a standard cleaning product to remove the excess gunk from the coil.
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How Preventative AC Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Expensive Air Conditioner Repair

hvac repairPrevention is usually a smart policy, as it is often the case with health and home issues. Regarding your HVAC system, professionals can do many different things to ensure an odor problem is solved for good. Also, it is always good to remember that proper maintenance prevents odors from becoming an issue in the first place.

Some of these measures include effective methods such as performing a detailed cleaning of the air ducts in your home. They can also change low-quality HVAC filters for high-grade media filters. Moreover, they can seal all the ductwork. Plus, they will repair any issues regarding the water drainage system. Also, if necessary, they will even add a UV light that shines directly on the coil. Each of these measures contributes to help to prevent microbial buildup.

The simple truth is that there is a lot that an HVAC technician can do for you. They can prevent odors and eliminate them if they occur. Schedule your annual AC tune-up and ensure optimal operating performance on your system.

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Concluding Thoughts

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