Why Does Air Conditioner Sizing Matter?

image of the word why depicting why air conditioner size mattersSummer often tests just how much our cooling systems can go. After all, you can feel it when your old air conditioning system can no longer keep up with the heat. It is necessary to buy an AC replacement when the one you have starts breaking down often. You might be wondering what type of AC will work best for your home.

You might opt to use the same make and model as your old one, but that could also mean that you are repeating the same mistakes. Also, you might be tempted to buy the biggest unit your budget allows, thinking that it might cool your home quicker. However, it is better to start fresh and assess the cooling needs of your house. This includes rethinking air conditioner sizing.

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The Manual J Load Calculation & Its Importance

A Manual J Load calculation is a complicated process that takes into account several factors that affect your home’s cooling needs. Seek professional assistance from a licensed HVAC technician as they are trained to conduct this type of calculation.

They might utilize advanced software to make the process quicker and more precise. It aids in quantifying your home’s specific characteristics, like

  • ceiling height
  • floor area
  • windows
  • materials your house is made of
  • structural orientation
  • air leaks
  • insulation
  • household appliances’ heat generation
  • local climate
  • the number of occupants
  • and more

The calculation’s result will give you the cooling load of your home. This way, you don’t have to rely on general rules of thumb or guess the cooling load you need. You will know the right AC size so that you can feel cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Home Comfort

image of homeowner relaxing and feeling comfortable after air conditioner replacement

Air conditioners are used to keep our homes comfortable. Cooling is just one aspect in achieving home comfort. Air conditioners also reduce humidity by removing the water in the air via condensation. The water vapor turns into water around the coils. This moisture trickles down the pipes and into a drain pan where it is disposed of properly.

If you have an AC unit that is too large, it cools down your home quickly. The cycle ends before sufficient condensation occurs. High humidity levels remain, and you feel sticky and uncomfortable inside of your home. You might lower the temperature further to have some relief, but you’ll only end up with an increased energy bill without the comfort you need. It also reduces your indoor air quality as less air is forced through the filters, so your overall health can also suffer.

On the other hand, having a unit that is too small also presents its own problems. It cannot keep up with the home’s cooling needs as it strains to reach the set temperatures. In some instances, like a scorching day, an AC that is too small might not even be able to counter the sun’s heat that is radiating from your roof. The unit will work hard to achieve the desired temperature, but it still won’t reach its target. This will result in faster wear and tear, so expect premature breakdown and replacement.

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Air Conditioner Efficiency

energy efficient homeChoose an air conditioning system that has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER) rating. This ensures that it is highly efficient in converting electricity into cooling power. You should also make sure that you have the correct size. Otherwise, your system will not be able to reach its maximum SEER rating. It will run at suboptimal levels, so the cycles are extremely short or long. This also wastes a lot of energy and increases wear and tear on your system. Therefore, buying a new air conditioner with a high SEER rating is rendered useless if it is not the correct size.

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Cooling Costs

A mismatched air conditioning unit spikes up your energy costs from the start. Therefore, you’ll end up spending more than necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable. Your monthly energy bills go up because the system uses a lot of power. Therefore, it is recommended that you think about your cooling needs before making a purchase. Frequent air conditioner cycling wastes power and leads to worn-out components. These issues mean that your system is highly inefficient and might require frequent air conditioner repairs. It can also lead to a premature breakdown, so you’ll have to replace your unit earlier than you should. Prevent spending more money than necessary through proper air conditioner sizing. Hiring a licensed HVAC professional to conduct a Manual J calculation is a worthy investment. It ensures you have a highly efficient and cost-effective cooling system right from the start.

The Problem With An Oversized Air Conditioner

couple feeling hot and sticky due to broken air conditioner

To repeat, a system that is too large presents a lot of problems. It cools areas faster than it should, so there are shorter cycles. The system cannot reduce indoor humidity effectively. It also cannot filter the air as it should because there is an insufficient amount of air being forced through the air filters. The unit will not run as optimally, and you have increased energy consumption while your home feels cold but humid. A bigger unit also means you spend more than you should with the initial purchase.

The Problem An Undersized Air Conditioner

An AC that is too small is just as problematic because it cannot meet the cooling demands that your home needs. It cannot provide relief during the hot months, so having an undersized air conditioner in your home is just as much of an issue as having an oversized unit. They will run continuously but still fail to reach the set temperature. This will lead to faster wear and tear, equipment failure, and expensive premature replacement.

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Choosing an air conditioner should be done carefully. Having the smallest or the biggest system does not mean that you have the best one. Every home is different, so each has varying needs. The right air conditioner means that it meets the specific requirement of your home. Sizing is an essential cooling factor because it can dictate your home’s comfort, cost, and efficiency. It is always a good idea to consult a licensed HVAC contractor who can help you find the right-sized cooling system using a precise and accurate calculation.

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