Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning has become so ubiquitous in modern life that we fail to appreciate it. We simply expect that it will be ready when we require cooling. In case it doesn’t work, then we can easily contact our trusted AC technicians. The reality is that it took us a long time to develop air conditioning technology. Humans had to use creative methods of cooling before the advent of the air conditioner. Knowing how difficult it used to be should put everything into perspective.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

Below are some air conditioning fun facts that history buffs should find interesting:

Ice Was The Ultimate Portable Cooler

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Humans have been around for thousands of years yet the air conditioner was only invented in the last century. So how did our ancestors keep cool? Many used ice as their portable cooler. People in Egypt filled trays with water and left these outside overnight where they froze. By morning, these were ready for cooling.

The wealthy citizens of Rome bought ice from traders. These were sold in blocks for the few that could afford the luxury. These would be used to cool homes or make bathing more pleasant in the summer. In Persia, people would get mountain ice in the winter and store them underground for insulation. They built mechanisms that could cool the wind with ice and carry the chilly air to interior spaces.

Egyptians Of Yesteryears Were Cool And Clever

Egypt is right at the top of Africa — a region that is known for its scorching heat. Ancient inhabitants beat the heat with the help of evaporative cooling. The placed soaking wet reeds at their windows. Blowing wind-induced evaporation which in turn cooled the interiors. They were clever enough to use science thousands of years ago.

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Romans Had Many Uses For Their Famed Aqueducts

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Roman architecture is famous for its intelligent designs, particularly the way that they ensured that every city could benefit from fresh and clean water. These remain engineering marvels considering the tools at their disposal way back when. The surviving structures make it clear just how ambitious these projects were. The water was used in public baths and irrigation. The continuous supply meant that the population could always have drinking water. In some cases, the water from the aqueducts also flowed through the walls of buildings to cool them down.

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Air Conditioning Ushered Summer Blockbuster Movies

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Low movie theater sales is not exactly a new phenomenon. Sure, on-demand videos are making them less appealing now but the problem was around since at least the early 1900s. Summer sales were particularly uninspiring at the time because people did not want to stay in packed cinemas that were hot and smelly. When owners began installing air conditioning units, it became possible for crowds to gather while staying cool and relaxed. They could focus on the film instead of the heat. At the time, ACs were too expensive to have one at home. Only the elites were able to afford them. The majority would go to theaters specifically to benefit from the cooling system. This led studios to release their most important films of the year in the summer when bigger audiences will be there to see them.

Modern Air Conditioners Were Invented By Carrier’s Founder

Everyone is familiar with the air conditioner brand Carrier. This bears the name of the man who invented modern cooling systems, Willis Carrier. He was a talented engineer who pioneered electric air conditioning in 1902. The very first model was meant as a cooling solution for a printing company. It also controlled humidity to prevent the paper from warping. It even cleaned the air and took care of air circulation. By the next year, his invention would be installed at the New York Stock Exchange — among the earliest adopters.

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The Cost Of The First Residential AC Rivaled That Of A House

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Companies were the first ones to use air conditioners because they had the means to splurge on one. They also had the most pressing need as illustrated in the printing company example. It would take 12 years since its invention before the AC could be installed in a home. Back then, the gigantic system measured 20 feet by six feet by seven feet. As expected, the cost was just as massive at $50,000 for the biggest unit. When you factor in the inflation, you are looking at around $600,000 for the air conditioning.

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Employee Vacations Were Halted Due To Air Conditioning

Before the AC was invented, schools and workplaces closed at the peak of summer because the heat was unbearable. This gave people the opportunity to go on vacation with their families for several weeks. While many still honor this tradition, vacations are optional rather than mandatory. Some hot European regions that do not depend on air conditioning still close things down in the summer.

Air Conditioners Affected The Distribution Of Populations In The US

image of the Arizona desert in summer

The United States is a big country with each region having its own climate pattern. The southern states of Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada experience stifling heat in the summer. Many feel that these states would probably have smaller populations if not for the AC.

Human Tolerance To Heat Has Dropped Due To Cooling Systems

The body is a fantastic machine that adapts to its environment. Our ancestors were able to live normal lives without air conditioning to keep them comfortable at all times. They developed a high tolerance for heat. Some scientists say that prolonged exposure to ACs have made many unable to cope with high temperatures.


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