Comfort. Defined.

When you think of “comfort” what image comes to mind?

I posed this question of my Facebook friends.  I didn’t tell them why, I just said  I was working on a project for work.  I received a lot of responses.  Some the same, but many were different.  When I think of comfort, I picture sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate, snow falling outside, my family and friends around me. To me this is the picture of comfort.

What did I learn by asking my friends?  Comfort is personal.  Comfort involves the human touch.  Comfort brings us to a place of peace, relaxation, and happiness.

Here are some examples of what people had to say about comfort.  Certainly not a scientific study, but is shed some light on the question of comfort.

Things that bring me comfort:

  • a hug
  • big sofa with a blanket and a good book
  • sweatpants and slippers
  • my mom
  • a cup of tea, couch, and blanket in my warm cozy house
  • roaring fire, pjs, and a book
  • a fireplace and a glass of wine
  • pajamas and slippers
  • things that are familiar
  • Macaroni and cheese (I was surprised I didn’t get more “foodie” responses)
  • My baby snuggling with me with his blanket
  • a big bed with fluffy pillows and warm comforter
  • home
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • snuggling with my kids
  • feeling good about where I am
  • family
  • sitting in a nice warm bath
  • my wife
  • my son’s teddy bear
  • snuggling with my kids
  • snuggling with my pets
  • watching a movie at home with my kids

I love to snuggle with my kids.  But if my heat was out and the temperature in my home was below 50 degrees, would this act of love bring me comfort?  Not likely.  At 10 and 7, they would likely be crying that they were cold, unable to grasp the concept of cuddling the for the purpose of warmth.

If you want to focus on the little things that bring you comfort then you need to start with an Energy Company that can handle the root of that comfort.  When you turn your thermostat you trust that your temperature will change. What happens when it doesn’t?

Comfort vs Comfortable.

In order to truly enjoy your “comforts of life” you first need to be comfortable.  When you change the temperature on your thermostat, you are making your living environment more comfortable.  But what happens when changing your thermometer fails to change the temperature?

You must rely on your oil company, or your air conditioning company, or your propane company.  At Wilcox Energy, we are the people that keep your thermostat working.  No heat?  No air conditioning?  Not comfortable?  Call Wilcox Energy.  860-399-6218.  We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.