Everything you need to know about your heating oil

Did you know that today’s heating oil is the cleanest burning energy source available to heat your home and your hot water? That’s right. The CLEANEST energy source available. That’s because today’s heating oil is actually an entirely new product called Bioheat® heating oil, and it’s what Wilcox Energy already delivers to your home.

 So, what is Bioheat® heating oil? Simply put, it is low sulfur heating oil blended with biodiesel, a 100% renewable fuel made from plants materials like vegetable and soybean oils. Blending heating oil with very low percentages of biodiesel has been scientifically proven to produce the cleanest burning energy sources available to us. In fact, according to a recent Brookhaven National Laboratory Study* at blends as low as 2%, Bioheat® heating oil burns CLEANER natural gas, and produces less greenhouse emissions. What’s more is Bioheat® heating oil is also the safest, most reliable fuel on the market.

Want more good news? Bioheat® heating oil does not cost any more than traditional heating oil and requires no system modifications to your existing heating equipment. By heating your home with Bioheat® heating oil you are taking advantage of reducing your carbon footprint and being more energy efficient. Bioheat® heating oil decreases the likelihood of your heating system breaking down when you need it most.

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*Assessment of Liquid Fuels Emissions by Energy Partners, Corp., 2013, run by ICF International with testing performed at Brookhaven National Laboratory (with both fuels running in modern heating systems and water heaters).