Gulf Electricity offers true savings on your electric bill

You may be paying too much for your electricity

You have the Power to Save! Click this image to learn more about signing up for Gulf Electricity with Wilcox Energy

Whether you are still getting your electricity from CL&P or if you have already switched to another supplier, the fact is, you are probably more for your electricity than you will with Gulf Electricity.

How can we say this?  Because they stand by their word, and you can trust that you are always getting their best deal!  You see, Gulf recently lowered their price for electricity.  But they did something different.  Something I have never heard of another company doing.  They didn’t just lower their rate for new customers.  Everyone does that.  Some companies may be even lower than Gulf Electricity (though I cannot name one at the moment).

Gulf Electricity lowered their rates for ALL their customers.  They sent a letter to each one of their customers announcing a rate change.  A rate change to a lower price.  This is integrity.  They are in this for the long haul, and they are not going to grow their business by offering crazy low prices for a short period of time.  They want to ensure that you are a customer for the long term.  Not just a customer, but a happy customer.

I get notices in the mail all the time with offers to lower my electricity bill.  I also read the fine print.  And they are all the same.  It’s there.  In small writing.  The disclosure that says something about it not being guaranteed savings.  That the price offered here is for new business only, and for a short period of time.  Then they have you.

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Everyone is busy.  I know I am.  I also know that 2 years ago I switched my electricity supplier.  “We can save you money!” I was told.  I signed up.  And I never looked back.  My bills come electronically and I pay them without much real consideration.  I was told I would save money.  But they lied.  I was paying more than 2 cents above CL&P.  And I’m not the only one.

At Wilcox Energy, we waited to get into the Electricity business.  Why did we wait?  We waited for a company we could trust.  We believe 100% in our partnership with Gulf Electricity.  Whether you have switched from CL&P or not.  We can save you money.  Sign up for Gulf Electricity today.  You won’t be sorry, but you will be saving.