Propane Heat-Is it for me? Converting to propane in CT

Propane’s popularity is growing as new propane heating system installations and propane conversions are on the rise.

Homeowners along the CT Shoreline from Madison to East Lyme are wondering if it is a good choice for them.


When considering options for heating conversions, more and more people are including propane as a fuel source.  Why?  Because it is versatile, it is environmentally friendly, and it is affordable.  People enjoy the comfortable heat of propane as well as the incredible efficiency available with today’s propane heating equipment.  Propane is great for cooking, heating water, keeping the lights on when the power goes out, and heating pools.

At Wilcox Energy, we have done propane heating conversions for customers with electricity as well as oil heat.  If you have electric radiant or baseboard heat, the savings you will see with a propane heating system will be great.  These are the homeowners that are really benefiting.  With oil conversions, savings are possible, but not guaranteed, depending on the age of the equipment you currently have.

Don’t wait and wonder if you should install safe, efficient and affordable propane heat in your home.  If you are curious about your options, Wilcox Energy will gladly provide, at no cost, a complete cost analysis, including your ROI (return on investment).  What is the ROI?  This is the amount of time it will take you to make up the cost of the installation through savings in your annual heating expense.  We will send our professional, licensed salesman to your home where he will hear your concerns, answer your questions, and offer you solutions.