Residential Air Conditioning Installation for CT Shoreline Homeowners

The Birds are chirping..Can you hear that?

Spring is in the air, and warm weather will be here before we know it.  Although this past winter wasn’t one for the record books, it was cold.  And although we didn’t get a lot of snow, we got a heck of a lot all at once.  And now the birds are chirping and the days are getting longer, and spring is definitely in the air!

And then it will be summer.  Will you be wishing you had called to have air conditioning installed in your home?  Maybe you have thought about it, maybe you even got an estimate years ago and decided it was too complicated or expensive to install a central cooling system in your home.

Now, with new technology, there are more options than ever for creating a comfortable climate in your home.  The biggest development?  DUCTLESS AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS.  Did you know that you could get all of the comfort and climate control benefits of central air conditioning without installing ductwork?

For some, traditional ducted central cooling systems offer the best solution.  Take for example a traditional colonial with an unfinished basement and plenty of attic space.  For others, this type of installation is just not possible or at least not as easy.  Homes near the water with no basements.  Older homes with plaster walls, smaller rooms, and no attic space.  The reality is, if a home was not designed with ductwork in mind, modifying the space for ductwork can be complicated, costly and unsightly.  There are other benefits to a ductless system too.

A Mitsubishi Ductless System like the popular Mr. Slim allows you to cool the rooms you want to cool, creating much less wasted energy.  Many people just want to be comfortable where they sleep. The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is the perfect solution.  If you have a wide open living space that you want to cool.  Perfect.  Many people put a unit in every room of their home.  Imagine being able to regulate the temperature in every room, satisfying the individual needs of every person in the house.  And think of the energy you will save when you can completely shut down the bedrooms during the day, and the rest of the house at night.  This is a convenience you can never achieve with traditional systems.

Ready to find out if a Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling System is right for you?  Great.  Call our office 860-399-6218 and schedule an appointment TODAY!  Beat the rush, and be cool before the dog days of summer set in.