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Proper HVAC Maintenance Keeps Pests At Bay

image of pest and heater and air conditioning maintenance cost Old Saybrook CTA lot of homes struggle with pests. These insects and animals often seem to find their way back into residential properties after they’ve already been repelled. Not only can they infest your actual living areas, but pests can also enter your HVAC system. When they do this, they cause a vast range of issues. For instance, they might start breeding in your home and living in the ducts. Once they do, they’ll leave behind things like shells, fur, carcasses, wings, and even fecal matter.

This has a very detrimental impact on indoor air qualities. It also exacerbates allergies, particularly among people with chronic respiratory ailments. Moreover, the odors caused by rodent droppings can be downright unbearable. These droppings, along with other debris, clogs air filters. This reduces the overall performance and efficiency of this equipment. Termites, raccoons and other pests can begin to undermine the integrity of the building structure overall. Certain pests, like wasps, can even pose a serious safety threat to humans. As such, pest-proofing your HVAC equipment is absolutely essential.

How Pests Get Into HVAC Systems

Pest infestation of residential air supply systems is largely the result of poor or insufficient HVAC maintenance. By taking good care of their home heating and cooling equipment, people have the ability to identify areas that can allow pests to enter the HVAC equipment. As a result, they’ll be able to take preventative measures for staving infestations off.annual tune-up services CTA

How To Keep Your HVAC System Pest-Free

Seal Your HVAC Air Ducts

Cracks and gaps throughout the HVAC ductwork are the primary points of entry for pests. These are the result of the breakdown of materials that air ducts are comprised of. Not only does this breakdown create entry points for insects, but the resulting gaps and cracks can also make the HVAC equipment less efficient overall. This is due to the fact that cooled and heated air can escape through these spaces. Depending upon how large these gaps, holes or cracks are, you may be able to use mastic sealant or foil to seal them off.

Cover External Air Vents With Screens

The air vents, at the exterior of the building walls, are among the most high-risk points of entry in terms of pests. Although these vents serve a very important purpose, they also provide pests with direct access to the interior of the HVAC equipment. The best solution is to install wire mesh with small holes across all of these external vents as a means of keeping pests where they belong; outside. Make sure to keep insects, birds and other pests from entering your system as well by installing flue vents.

The HVAC System Should Be Regularly Cleaned

Pests dislike environments that are both well-ventilated and clean. As such, you should keep your HVAC system as clean as you possibly can at all times. This is something you can accomplish through routine HVAC maintenance. During these HVAC services, air filters should be replaced and the air ducts should be properly cleaned. In addition to keeping insects out, these efforts will also protect the performance and efficiency of the entire

Get Routine Treatments For Pest Control

These strategies work well. However, they work even better in conjunction with preventative pest control. In this respect, quarterly pest control services can do a lot to keep both your HVAC system and your home free of pests.


HVAC Maintenance Cost Old Saybrook CT

Maintaining your home heating and cooling system is vital for ensuring that there are no easy points of entry for pests. These critters are intent on surviving. Your home provides significant protection to insects and animals from the predators in the wild. It, additionally, offers shelter from weather extremes. This is why you have to do all that you can to keep them out. Proper HVAC maintenance is the best pest prevention strategy that you can use. There are countless pest infestations that are the result of insufficient HVAC maintenance. Make sure to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner or heater now!

Not all HVAC companies are alike. You want a company that has the ability to perform well while conducting any heating or cooling maintenance on you system. For a reputable, honest, and trusted HVAC company, contact Wilcox Energy. We have been in business since 1955 and since then, we have been providing exceptional services for residents of the CT shoreline and lower CT River Valley. Contact us today to speak with a home comfort specialist about your heating and cooling needs.customer cta
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For more information about heating and cooling systems, be sure to contact Wilcox Energy. You can contact us at (860) 399-6218. We offer a full line of heater and air conditioner repairs, maintenance services, and installations.
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