Use Trees To Reduce Your Heating And Cooling Costs

The moment you plant trees, you are helping in energy conservation and improvement in air quality. Energy conservation is favorable for the pockets of homeowners and great for the ambient too. Once your home is exposed to the harsh sun, HVAC systems are affected. This results to overworking of the AC unit especially during hot seasons. This article explains how planting trees helps in reducing air conditioning expenses. You also get to enjoy a more appealing home.

The Merits of Planting Trees In The Correct Direction

air conditioning unit annual tune-up in Chester CTThere is a need to place trees in the correct direction when planting them. This way, you will manage to provide some shade in your homestead. The sun is not very hot as it rises. Hence, there is no need for shade in the east direction. However, the west and south-west directions are ideal to plant trees as they receive direct sun during the afternoons.

Go for evergreen trees in the Southern directions is the best measure to take in the protection of your home. Again, planting deciduous trees in the Northern areas will assist in keeping your home warmer over winter. More to it, they assist in the reduction of power usage and energy costs. As a result, you are protected from the cold winds that occur during winter. This is a great way to add value to your home while saving money.

Ways In Which Planting Trees Benefit Your Outdoor AC Unit

Outdoor HVAC units require a lot of care and planting trees around them becomes beneficial in many ways. For instance, the trees offer protection when strategically positioned. They do so by offering shade, which hinders direct heat from damaging the AC unit. In the same way, the trees help in lowering the temperatures around the unit. More to it, the trees cool the surrounding air naturally, through evaporation of water from their leaves. As a result, the AC units operate more efficiently and still reduce the energy costs. Nevertheless, you should be keen as you plant the trees as low-hanging shrubs pose a threat to the units. This is because they can easily interfere with the flow of air.

Trees that provide a lot of shade are more beneficial in terms of protecting your home. Hence, fully-grown trees are much better compared to the smaller trees. Nevertheless, investing in smaller trees can be beneficial in future. For you to acquire an energy saving shade, invest in trees that achieve a height of 20-25 feet at maturity. Such are best on the west side of your home. In the west, full-grown trees will extend their shade to the other side of your house. The case is different in the southwest side, as branches would have to grow over the house to provide shelter to the entire region.

You promote heating in your home by installing asphalt pavements. Note that, asphalt hinders the air conditioning unit from operating, as it should. Therefore, the best solution is to plant trees along dark pavements in order to provide shade and consequently promote cooler temperatures.

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Tips For Planting Trees

It is important to research and find out the heights of the trees at maturity. This will assist you to evade the overly large trees. You are also advised to prune the trees on a regular basis in order to maintain the ideal size and shape. Most importantly, do not plant trees close to power lines, structures and paved areas. Their roots and branches can be a cause of great destruction.


Air Conditioner Tune-up Chester CT

Despite planting trees being one of the most suitable options of adding value to a home, there is a need to tune your AC systems annually. You will achieve more by having both systems in place. The trees however have more weight since they offer natural solutions, and cut down on energy expenses. Having understood the value of trees, it is time for you to invest in an energy efficient home, by simply planting trees.

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