Best Ways to Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

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Hydronic heating systems have been used for a very long time. They have provided us with warm and comfortable homes and offices. They meet our heating needs without the cons that come with forced-air HVAC systems that don’t receive regular air filter replacements, such as drafts and indoor air pollutants. However, a hydronic heating system also needs proper service and tune-ups so it can deliver what is expected. The good news is that homeowners can play a significant role in hydronic heating system maintenance with the proper information. Keep reading to learn about the best methods for proper home heating system upkeep.

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Best Ways to Maintain Your Hydronic Heating System

The best approaches in maintaining a hydronic hot water system are categorized into two. One is the tasks requiring professional expertise, and the other is tasks homeowners can take care of.

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Why Is Professional Help Needed When Maintaining My Hydronic Heating System?

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Professional maintenance eases the burden on homeowners. HVAC technicians are trained and experienced, so they have the trained eye to conduct thorough system inspections. Therefore, homeowners should book yearly maintenance by licensed contractors to ensure high home comfort and efficiency.  

Tune-ups help prevent many potential problems from happening at the onset. It also keeps small issues from escalating into bigger ones, commonly occurring when homeowners neglect minor HVAC issues. Proper upkeep rewards homeowners with significant savings and stress-free ownership. Here are several pros that an annual radiant heating system inspection can provide:

  • Hydronic Heating System Tune-Up: The system receives an overall inspection and maintains all necessary components.
  • Expansion Tank: The air charge is checked and recharged. The tank is examined carefully, and maintenance will ensure that there are no obstructions on all air vents.
  • Pressure Valve Relief: The valve is inspected to ensure it functions properly. Stagnant water is also removed.
  • Hydronic Glycol: The fluid pH is checked for any degradation, in which case the fluid needs to be recharged.
  • Drain Faucets & Shut-off: Faucets are fixed or changed as needed.
  • Combustion: The HVAC technician will make the proper adjustments to the safety controls. They will also check for leaks and blockages and clean the burner per the specifications.
  • Circulator: The circulator and zone valves are checked thoroughly to verify proper function.
  • Wiring: Wires across the system are checked to ensure conductivity and continuity.
  • Valves: All valves are examined to ensure proper operation.  

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This list isn’t exhaustive, but it reinforces why you need to have your hydronic heating system maintained annually. HVAC experts will maintain it correctly and address any HVAC concerns of the homeowners. Aside from the tasks that require professional expertise, individuals can also do several tasks to maintain their systems.

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Hydronic Heating System Tasks For Homeowners

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Aside from hiring an HVAC professional to help you maintain your system, homeowners can do some tasks to ensure proper upkeep of your systems. Homeowners may have different capabilities and experiences, so you must consult a professional if you are unsure. Here are several approaches a homeowner can take to be proactive in maintaining their systems:

  • Stay vigilant and be on the lookout for any system issues.
  • Habitually conduct a system overview every month.
  • Conduct regular water level checks. The low water level in your boiler means it cannot handle the heat it generates. Ensure that the system is filled to adequate water levels.
  • Check the heating system and check for any rust accumulations and calcium deposits. Neglecting your system is usually the leading cause of problems with it.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to eliminate calcium deposits or rust buildups. You can also use other approved cleansers and a gentle scouring tool.
  • Homeowners with experience handling their systems can drain the boiler and top up the oil to the pump motor for better circulation. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when completing these tasks.

This list is also incomplete. However, it provides a starting point for homeowners when it comes to the maintenance of their systems. It also helps individuals learn more about their systems as they familiarize themselves with their heating equipment. 

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Becoming Familiar With Your Hydronic Heating System

Homeowners realize they can significantly help themselves when they are involved with the upkeep of their systems. Here are several ways homeowners can become more knowledgeable about their hydronic heating systems and how they can help in their upkeep:

  • Pay Attention: Watching how their system works can help homeowners learn more about it. They should observe the system to familiarize themselves with its parts, its usual noises, and more.
  • Talk To Others: You may have friends or neighbors with the same systems. Make sure to absorb any information about your unit that your friends will share. 
  • Online: The internet is filled with information about hydronic heating systems. Homeowners can learn a lot about it by surfing the world wide web. 
  • Owner’s Manuals: Homeowners usually receive manuals during system installation. It is prudent that you become familiar with its contents.
  • HVAC Inspections: Curious homeowners can learn a lot from professionals during yearly checkups. You can also call them for any questions you have. Technicians are typically glad to share guidance and advice.

Many sources of information are available when you look for them. Individuals coming across information become more familiar with their systems. They also grow more skillful in system maintenance. As a result, they also save more in the maintenance process. 

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Hydronic heating system maintenance is significantly a matter of habit. Ensure that monthly checkups and yearly professional maintenance are part of your routine. Homeowners will discover more ways to help maintain their systems as they become more comfortable with the tune-up process. Several benefits you will get include enhanced home comfort, lower energy bills, improved efficiency, and less need for HVAC repairs.

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