Top Signs It’s Time To Switch Propane Companies

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Home propane companies sometimes go into decline and fail to meet customers’ needs reliably. Other propane suppliers continue to provide adequate service, but their rates become unaffordable. If you notice any of the signs below, it may be time to switch to a different propane delivery company.

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Top Signs It’s Time To Switch To Another Propane Delivery Company

In this article, we discuss some of the telltale signs that it’s time to switch propane companies.

Excessive Fees

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Some propane companies continually raise the fees they charge for tank leasing, deliveries, equipment upkeep, or other services. Even if a provider offers the lowest fuel price, fees can push the total cost to a comparatively high amount. Consider switching if these charges rise repeatedly or the company announces additional types of fees.

A propane supplier should let you buy a fuel tank if desired. When you own it, you avoid rental fees and only need to maintain the equipment. You will not have to arrange tank removal or replacement if you switch providers. Ownership is suitable for homeowners who can afford the upfront cost and do not plan to move soon.

Unfortunately, some companies also use excessive fees to discourage customers from leaving. A firm might try to charge hefty sums for cancellation or tank removal. This only proves that its business model relies on overcharging people rather than dependably meeting their needs.

Think about switching providers when a company employs hidden fees. All pricing and fees should be transparent. You ought to be able to see a list of specific charges before you sign up. It is unethical to attract customers with a low price only to compensate for it by adding undisclosed fees to the bill.

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No Discounts

It is a negative sign if a company does not offer any discounts to loyal customers. A propane provider should reward you for things like purchasing multiple services or types of fuel. Be sure to ask about discounts. Sometimes they exist but do not appear on a firm’s website or marketing materials.

Propane Delivery Issues

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When you request a propane delivery, the truck should arrive within a reasonable amount of time. A reliable propane provider will not let your home run out of propane. You can forgive an occasional mistake or delay, but it is time to switch companies when this happens repeatedly.

Slow Response

If an equipment problem leaves you without heat or hot water, you ought to receive expedited assistance. A firm with too few technicians or a distant office location may respond sluggishly. This can cause major inconveniences and discomfort, so it is a compelling reason to look elsewhere.

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Poor Communication

You should not hear busy signals, voicemail recordings, or endless ringing every time you call a propane company. It is also a bad sign when someone answers the phone but gives vague or contradictory details about deliveries. A desirable propane provider maintains clear communication between customers, office staff, and technicians.


A company ought to cater to your specific needs rather than trying to convince you that one size fits all. It should offer several different propane delivery options, financing plans, and tanks with a range of capacities. Likewise, the best propane suppliers let people schedule periodic, one-time, or automatic fuel deliveries.

Limited Services

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If a provider only delivers propane, you have to go elsewhere whenever you need things like HVAC equipment installation, maintenance, home air conditioning, or delivery of other fuels. The process will probably take longer and you will not gain discounts for buying multiple services from one firm. To maximize convenience, consider switching to a company with a wide variety of services.


Watch closely for signs of change if your propane provider gets bought by another company. This does not always happen, but a bigger firm may charge higher rates or stop responding as quickly. Large companies tend to be less concerned about individual customers than small local businesses.

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No Upkeep

If a propane provider does not maintain fuel tanks, they can fall into disrepair. Deteriorating equipment could compromise your safety or damage your house. It is best to have the same company refill and maintain the tank. This saves time and money; you will not have to pay two different service providers to visit your home.

It is also more convenient to use a fuel delivery company with the tools and expertise needed to maintain all of your propane equipment. Such items include the lines, appliances, water heater, and any heating systems that run on this energy source.

Office Closure

If your current provider shuts down its nearest business location but continues to serve the area, this might be a sign of things to come. It could become reluctant to deliver fuel to customers with relatively small tanks. Likewise, it may only be willing to provide highly profitable services in the future.


Strongly consider switching if a propane company threatens to abruptly remove your tank or suspend service when you raise concerns. Businesses should strive to satisfy customers rather than pressuring them to stay. It is better to experience a temporary interruption than to put up with poor service or excessive fees for years to come.

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