5 Types of Renewable Energy Sources: The Future Of Energy

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We’ve never had a greater need for renewable energy before. Affording to environmental scientists, fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas are clearly capable of meeting our energy needs. However, these are finite resources and thus, their available supply is limited.

More importantly, we are using these renewable resources at an increasingly rapid rate. There will always be a demand for energy, but we aren’t going to have sufficient fossil fuels for meeting our present energy or our future ones. The future of energy lies in renewable energy sources. In addition to reducing reliance upon foreign oil, which is currently at about 50%, but they’ll also make it possible to continue enjoying the same levels of comfort, convenience, and safety that we presently know.

We’re going to review 5 renewable energy sources in detail. Among these are:

  • Hydropower
  • Bioenergy
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Wind energy

Read on to get more information about these incredibly valuable sources of renewable energy.

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Bioenergy: A Quick & Economical Way To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

soy crops used for the production of bioheat

Bioenergy is comprised of biomass or organic matter. This source of renewable energy primarily consists of plant matter and whole plants including trees and many other plant types. There are industries that create unused or excess biomass that can be additionally be used as renewable bioenergy fuel sources.

Wilcox Energy is focused on providing clean Bioheat® heating oil to our customers. Currently, our industry is being transformed by this liquid biofuel, and as soon as 2050 or even before, we will have net-zero carbon emissions or carbon neutrality.

Biomass currently makes up about 5% of the energy used within the United States. As an increasing number of homeowners switch over to biofuels, we will attain even greater results by continuing to reduce our collective carbon footprint all across the nation.

It is actually very easy to transport liquid biofuels, their energy density is high, and biofuels are compatible with existing heating systems. Thus, you don’t have to pay the high costs of having technicians remove your current heating system and replace it with a new one.

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Wind Energy: Using Windmills To Harness The Power Of The Wind

When driving across the U.S., you’ll likely stumble across a few windmills or wind turbines. These are used to harness wind energy and they can be quite effective in doing so. Turbines like these pump wind energy directly into the power grid on a fairly large scale. Actually, since 1990, wind energy and its use have grown faster than all other renewable energy sources listed here.

The drawback is that wind energy is far from being the ideal solution to our energy concerns. It’s perfect in windy U.S. locations, but it does have its downsides.

Take Texas for instance. More than 100 people died in the winter of 2021 in Texas because wind turbines froze and were unable enough to generate sufficient power and heat for the state.
These are mistakes that we have to learn from because an event like this should never happen again. And it definitely will not because now we’re paying far more attention than ever before.

Hydropower: The Largest Source Of Renewable Energy In The Nation

hydropower plant

About 10% of the power produced in the nation comes from hydropower. Currently, our capacity for hydropower is over 77k MW. There are plants that are specially designed for converting energy that’s produced by moving water into usable hydropower. Damming rivers is the most common way in which we produce this energy.

Sadly, however, hydropower isn’t exactly perfect for the natural environment.

In fact, creating it has a damaging impact on the habitats of various forms of wildlife, fish populations, and even rivers. When rivers are dammed, this is diverting the water source so that it flows towards the hydropower plant. To simulate the natural flow of the river positively impacts the wildlife habitat overall, but it produces far less power over time.

More importantly, this diversion negatively affects the health and lives of the fish living in the river. We understand that fish populations have been severely depleted already, and this system is having an even more harmful impact on already suffering species.

Choosing to heat your home with Bioheat® heating oil is a far more natural and much safer way to keep heating systems fueled. Using the byproducts of plants and plant resources is ideal given that it doesn’t cause any harm to the natural environment, doesn’t kill fish species, and reduces carbon emissions simultaneously.

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Geothermal Energy: A Viable But Limited Source Of Energy

The best thing about geothermal energy is that it’s both cost-effective and capable of being implemented on a grand scale. This natural resource is being used as a source of baseload power production right now. At its surface, this is an excellent way to produce adequate energy for powering the entire country. Sadly, there’s a catch.

Although geothermal energy is renewable, there aren’t many geothermal resources that are viable and thus, we have limited options.

What geothermal energy is:

This is energy created from hot water or steam. Water is extracted from wells and then used to produce electricity or heat homes. Sadly, this is a natural resource that will never provide sufficient energy for meeting the demands of the entire United States.

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Solar Energy: Leveraging The Impressive Power Of The Sun

photovoltaic panals installation

Provided by the sun, solar power is an infinite resource. We’ve found ways to harness power produced by the sun to create electricity, heat, and light throughout the counter.
This is hardly new. Before electricity was invented, people were using the sun’s light and heat to warm up and brighten their homes for hundreds of years. Today, this renewable energy source is being passively harnessed and then stored in solar cells for later use.

But there’s something to think about…

The systems for generating solar energy include solar cells, solar panels, solar heating equipment – which are all quite costly. For instance, a solar-powered water heater can cost between $2,500 and $5,500, and this isn’t accounting for the costs of installing it in most instances.

These are expenses that all add up, and you’ll find that using solar to heat your home isn’t a worthwhile option for most homeowners given just how expensive it is.

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The United States is clearly working hard to develop renewable energy sources for protecting and preserving the natural environment. Most of these resources aren’t capable of meeting our full range of energy demands.

Bioenergy is one area that’s definitely being overlooked, which is unfortunate because it’s also the fastest and most economical way to help the United States reach its 2050 carbon neutrality goals.
Are you ready to start doing your part to help the cause and protect the planet? Start using efficient and incredibly clean biofuels like Wilcox Energy’s Bioheat® heating oil today. Get in touch with Wilcox Energy to start making a difference in southern Connecticut now.

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Bioheat® heating oil packs all the benefits of a premium heating oil in one. It can be used with traditional heating systems without any adjustments, cutting the costs of modifications and converting to other heat sources.

As a biodiesel and ULSHO (ultra-low sulfur heating oil) blend, your heater runs more efficiently and cleaner while preserving its condition.

Bioheat® heating oil uses 100% biodiesel to create a blend with lower carbon emissions, making it a safer option to use in the home and a safer choice for the environment.

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