Proposed Carbon Tax in CT Say NO

SAY NO to a proposed CARBON TAX in the state of CT

To our valued customers,

We are asking for your help.  There is a proposed bill in the state of CT regarding a tax on heating oil, propane, diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and electricity. This is a proposed uncapped tax, which means they can continue to raise the tax, year after year, until people simply cannot afford to heat their homes.

Consider these facts:

1. A tax on heating oil is regressive.  It affects disproportionately the working families and the poor.  It will directly impact the low income energy program, reducing the benefits to recipients. This tax would be equivalent to taxing groceries.

2. Special funds don’t work.  As an example, the state gasoline gross earnings tax was designed to fund pollution clean up.  That tank fund was eliminated and the tax remained.

3. This new tax is contrary to the governor’s no new taxes pledge.

4. The tax is unnecessary.  Through technology, heating oil equipment has already reduced fuel usage by 35% over the past 40 years through efficiency gains made by the industry.  This has been achieved without any government subsidy, incentive or tax.

Please take a moment and let your voice be heard.  Simply click on the link below and fill in your information.  It takes only a few minutes, and your message will be sent to both your state senator and state representative.

Thank you for your time,

David Foster, President of Wilcox Energy


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