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homeowner improving their indoor air quality in Westbrook ConnecticutIt is important to improve the indoor air quality in your Westbrook CT home during the winter. Since the heated air is dry, this leads to stale air and health issues. At Wilcox-Energy, we have NATE certified HVAC contractors available to help you achieve higher indoor air quality standards.

All of our HVAC services are fast, affordable, and professional. You can count on us to get the job done correctly, the first time around. We always discuss any issues that you may have and offer all of the available solutions. This allows you to make an informed decision of what works best for you and your household.

We know what it takes to address all of your heating and cooling needs. Our contractors have the experience and knowledge to repair, maintain, or install all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. We offer free estimates and free second opinions for other heating or cooling estimates that you may have received. We know that your home comfort is important and that is why we prioritize all of our customer’s HVAC issues in a fast and efficient manner. Be sure to call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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How To Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality

In the summer, ventilating your home is not an issue because most people keep their windows open. With your windows open your indoor air quality is much better. However, when the winter sets in, temperatures drop, the windows close, and your most convenient source of fresh air disappears. At this time, goodindoor air quality becomes an issue because the emphasis is on keeping the house warm instead of healthy.

With your windows shut most of the time during winter…

indoor air quality suffers because you have more stale air circulating throughout the home. However, you do not have to endure poor air quality all the time. It is actually possible to enjoy a warm home and better air quality simultaneously. In this article, we will recommend some techniques to help you improve indoor air quality during the winter heating season.

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Clean Your HVAC Vents And Registers

It does not matter how clean you keep your home. Dust  will still get into your HVAC system and this can lead to a substantial amount of residue within your cooling and heating unit. You can use the wand attachment on your vacuum to reduce the amount of dust in the interior of your home. Many experts agree that this is a smart way to improve air quality in your home.

Using A Humidifier

When it is cold outside…

the smart move is to close your windows and turn on the heater. The problem with this is that the environment in the home becomes inconveniently dry. You can combat the dryness by investing in a good humidifier. A decent humidifier is relatively inexpensive and comes with great benefits.

Replacing Filters

replacing air filter on heaterOne way to ensure you get the right indoor air quality…

is to check your filters and replace them when necessary. Always check your filters for dirt and debris and replace them when they are dirty. If you have pets in your home or you live near a construction site, you need to change your filters more often. However, the point here is that different homes have different air filter needs. Carry out effective checks and do what works for your home.

Note that checking and replacing your filters is a task you should carry out throughout the year. However, you should pay more attention to your air filters during the winter because this is when the filters clog up faster.

Crack Open A Window

The air is cold outside but this does not mean you should live in an airtight house. Make it a habit to open your windows once in a while. A little fresh air can make a world of difference in your home. Of course, you cannot leave the windows open for too long because this will tax your furnace. Just crack the windows open for short periods and you will notice a great difference in air quality.

Invest In Several Green Houseplants

how to reduce indoor air pollutionYour health is affected by what you breathe so you can help yourself by making the air cleaner and healthier. Just invest in several green plants and place them in strategic places throughout the house. The benefits are immense and this is a great investment at any time of the year. Studies that cover indoor air quality facts show that green plants remove carbon monoxide and benzene. Overall, houseplants remove pollutants and other toxins from the air which greatly improves the air quality in your home.

These plants also add class and style to your home. Green plants give you a great interior decor option and the best part is that they are completely natural and friendly to the environment. Place these plants in different rooms in your home and you will notice amazing results.

The Importance of Regular Servicing And Maintenance

It is always better to…

service and maintain than to repair or replace. For this reason, you should have a great maintenance for your heating system. There are little things you can do on your own to prolong the life of your cooling and heating units. This includes changing the filter and scheduling repairs and maintenance when necessary. Do not neglect to do these little tasks. For the tasks you cannot do, always call in a qualified and competent expert to help you. For instance, you should not take the annual furnace tune-up for granted. Get your tune-up done by an experienced HVAC expert and your cooling and heating system will work efficiently. In addition, a professional heater tune-up clears out all the contaminants or indoor air pollution sources. When you have a clean unit, this means you will enjoy better air quality.

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Indoor Air Quality Westbrook CT

You have no reason to struggle with poor indoor air quality this winter. Just contact a professional HVAC company and the experts will take care of your heating unit. This way, you enjoy lower energy bills and excellent indoor air quality.

The right choice for all of your heating and cooling needs is Wilcox-Energy. Our experts are NATE certified and we have the expertise to give you excellent service. Contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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