Cooling Options For Homes Without Ductwork In Westbrook CT

Many Connecticut homes don’t have built-in ductwork. The people who own them often wonder how they’ll beat the summertime heat. Although summers may have been a bit more tolerable during the construction of these properties, this is hardly true now. The summers in Westbrook, Connecticut have become increasingly humid and hot. As such, not having a functional air conditioning system is directly out of the question.

These homeowners are curious to know about the options that they have for ensuring home comfort throughout this hottest period of the year. This article is going to explore some of the possibilities in air conditioning for households that lack built-in ductwork. We’ll talk about window air conditioners, the option of adding ductwork, and Westbrook CT ductless air conditioning systems.

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Window Air Conditioners

window AC unitMany people who lack central air conditioning…

are quick to install window air conditioners to obtain an acceptable amount of home comfort. Once they’ve installed these units, however, they quickly realize that they’re homes still aren’t cool.

Window units are not capable of providing the relief that these individuals are seeking. Moreover, consumers realize that their energy costs begin rising as a result of these incredibly inefficient AC designs. They use a considerable amount of power for the poor results they produce.

More importantly, these types of units are quite loud. Lots of homeowners complain about high noise levels in their homes as the result of using these units. They say that watching television or reading a book is downright impossible. Conversations become screaming matches. Moreover, they are not able to use their windows, and they lose the natural light that these openings would otherwise supply. Because these units are incapable of efficiently filtering the air, indoor air qualities suffer as well. Window AC units additionally produce a lot of moisture, which in turn creates the ideal conditions for mold spore development. Mold growth can result in respiratory and general health issues. Ultimately, these units have far more drawbacks than benefits.

Ductless AC Systems

A choice for homes that lack built-in ductwork is a ductless air conditioner.

These systems are fast-increasing in popularity throughout the United States, and countless homes throughout Europe are already using them. There are even households with ductwork in the house that use them as well. They rely on ductless AC systems for supplementary air, given just how energy efficient these are. For all of these reasons and more, ductless cooling systems are an excellent option if your home does not have built-in ductwork.

The primary appeal of ductless systems is the fact that installing ducts in a home is a significant hassle. A lot of homeowners want to sidestep this complex and challenging process, and thus, they consider ductless designs to be a wise option. It also costs quite a bit to install ductwork and takes a significant amount of time. Having spoken with homeowners who’ve chosen to put in ducts post-construction, many of them wish that they had gone ductless instead.

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Adding Ductwork

Most experts would agree that installing ducts post-construction is a significant construction effort.

It requires a substantial alteration of the walls and ceilings throughout the entire home. This massive undertaking takes a lot of time. Thus, people who live in the house have to live in a construction zone all throughout the process. This circumstance impacts their ability to engage in day to day activities. Many aging properties are not even able to handle the electrical demands that new air conditioning systems impose. This situation means that there is often the added expense of upgrading the circuit breaker box. The installation of ductwork does not provide a good return on investment. There are additionally, very few people who want to go through the process of rebuilding their homes.

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Why Ductless Air Conditioners Have Appeal

couple with a ductless AC systemFor households that lack ductwork, the appeal of the ductless system design is evident.

No ducts are necessary. They are quick and easy to install which is very attractive as well. For these projects, the entire installation process often takes about one day. Homeowners will usually be able to turn their new systems on by the end of the day.

During the installation, a small, the heating and cooling technician places a three-inch hole in the wall. The electrical wiring that travels to the indoor unit from the outside system runs through this hole. The house does not need an alteration in any significant way to install these units. Also, it does not disrupt the household occupants and their activities. More importantly, there is a diverse range of benefits that these systems can supply, including:

  • Quiet Operation: These units function so quietly that you won’t even know when they’re on.
    Highly Energy Efficient: Ductless systems have high SEER ratings and individual cooling zones. Their efficiency is an excellent way to keep your costs for home cooling low.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: With ductless systems, you’ll get air filtration that’s state of the art and capable of boosting your IAQ.
  • Enhanced Home Comfort: AC units that are ductless will enhance comfort levels all throughout the home. These units provide improvements in the indoor environment that will make it much easier for you to survive the incredibly hot and humid weather of summer.

Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews

ductless air conditionerWhen you get ready to invest in any major home appliance, you should note that some options are going to be significantly better than others. This statement is true with ductless AC designs. As such, there are several factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for these systems. It is always a good idea to invest sufficient time in finding the best option for your home cooling needs.

Among some of the most important factors to consider before finalizing a purchase decision are:

  • British Thermal Units or BTUs
  • Installation requirements
  • How many cooling zones are in your home

With a single-zone home, only one indoor handler is necessary. The indoor handler connects to a single, outside unit. Larger houses need multi-zone systems. With this type of system, the installation involves many indoor handlers that attach to a single outdoor unit. Whether you have a small or large home, however, the surest way to determine how many air handlers you need is by measuring the entire square footage. With this, you can then decide how many British Thermal Units are necessary to cool the building properly.

You should know that ductless systems provide a relatively high level of flexibility…

concerning how their installation. For a single-zone home, you can choose from ceiling units and units that are wall-mounted. These can be concealed or recessed. There is even the option to suspend them. Multi-zone setups use wall-mounted units only. Consulting with a local HVAC contractor is the best way to find the right solution for your home cooling needs.

Mitsubishi Vs. Fujitsu

AC options for homes without ductworkAs you research a variety of ductless air conditioners…

you will discover that there are lots of product manufacturers within this niche. Of all of these, there are two brands with energy-efficiency, performance, and reliability that exceed the others.

The first of these is the Fujitsu ductless air conditioner, and the next is Mitsubishi. While these two brands dominate at the top, Mitsubishi appears to offer a more significant amount of home comfort, higher indoor air qualities, and far more energy efficiency. Ultimately, Mitsubishi has surpassed all other brands based on its performance and consumer reviews. Therefore, they deserve a high level of consideration.

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioners

With Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems, you are going to get highly energy-efficient designs.

These units have SEER ratings as high as 20-22. With SEER ratings this high, these units are energy efficient and capable of creating a comfortably cool environment. This efficiency means having both a more enjoyable living space and significantly lower, overall cooling costs.

When you buy a home appliance, you have to think about the manufacturer’s warranty. Lengthy warranties usually indicate a prolonged lifespan and a willingness on the part of the manufacturer to stand behind its products.

When you research Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners, you will find that this manufacturer provides a very extended warranty period. With a standard warranty, they cover the compressor for seven years and the parts for five. If you register your Mitsubishi ductless systems within 90 of purchase and install, you will get a 10-year warranty from this brand for both the compressor and parts. They further extend this warranty for up to 12 years if a Mitsubishi Diamond contractor installs the unit. Thus, in addition to getting an outstanding product, Mitsubishi will also give you a much longer than average warranty. Their warranty coverage is a sure sign that the product is built to last.


Ductless Cooling Costs

Many homeowners who want to invest in a new ductless AC system, want to know about ductless air conditioner installation cost. There are many factors that will affect the cost of a ductless cooling system. Among these are:

  • The unit size
  • Your choice of model and brand
  • The type of installation you need
  • How many cooling zones your home needs
  • Your electrical circuit breaker’s current capacity
  • The configuration of your system

Given that there is such a vast range of installation options, the system’s configuration will indeed affect the installation cost. The more complicated the configuration of the ductless air conditioning system is, the higher priced the work will ultimately be.

Single Zone Ductless Systems

reduced energy costsIf you live in a reasonably small-sized home and only require a single-zone ductless system, then you’ll need just one indoor air handler and a single compressor outdoors. For a single-zone setup, the installation costs typically range between $3,500 and $5k.

Single zone systems are often installed in garages, sunrooms, home additions, and small-sized offices and homes, as well as in other small-sized areas. Households with a modest amount of square footage and that don’t have extraordinary cooling needs usually use these systems. These are also excellent choices for any small home that lacks built-in ductwork.

Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

The costs of installing any HVAC system will vary from one home to the next.

This claim is valid whether homeowners have a central AC system, a furnace, or a heat pump installed. Regarding systems that are ductless, larger homes typically require three units or more. The quantity is dependent upon how the system configuration, the layout of the house, and the preferred level of cooling.

You might pay between $7k and $10k for a multi-zone setup. Ductless HVAC installation in homes that have four cooling zones can range between $14k and $17k. If these prices seem steep, keep in mind that additional zones can always be added further down the road when your budget allows. Therefore, if you have an interest in one of these systems, you can install an additional unit when it fits into your budget.

Ductless Air Conditioner Westbrook CT

nate certificationYou might experience some initial sticker shock when considering the costs of installing a ductless air conditioning system. The energy efficiency of these units, however, does allow for lower energy bills, which is why they’re such a smart investment. They provide excellent returns on investment given that they’re able to pay for themselves quickly.

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