Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

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The days are hot due to the summer weather. A lot of consumers rely on their home air conditioning systems to get relief from the persistent heat. Sadly, however, some of these systems are not performing in the way that the homeowner expects. In fact, their insufficient operation is very bothersome. The underlying issues may call for repairs or even a total system replacement, especially if the unit has reached the end of its air conditioner life expectancy. However, it depends on how severe these underlying issues are. Regardless, it is usually much cheaper and easier to resolve problems early on. Get in touch with a seasoned air conditioner technician whenever you notice an issue with your AC system.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

This article discusses some of the top signs of an air conditioner replacement.

Warm Air Blowing Out From The Air Conditioner

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Your air conditioner is designed to create and circulate cool air throughout the home. It’s surprising then when these features start emitting noticeably warm air. This is something that can be traced to various issues. You should start by making sure that your thermostat is working properly. Is this unit set to cooling mode? Will it respond if you change the settings?

Try setting your thermostat to a lower setting to see if this fixes the problem. If nothing improves, check to see whether the air filter is clogged or dirty. Finally, get the help of a licensed technician to determine whether or not the air compressor is broken.

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Increasingly High Cooling Costs

Air conditioners have a reputation for using lots of energy. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised if your energy bills are higher in the summer. A sudden jump in your energy costs, however, is something that you definitely want to pay attention to.

Unless local energy rates have been hiked up by your power company, you might have an inefficient air conditioning system on your hands. There is something that’s keeping your air conditioner from working properly. As a result, it’s probably consuming far more energy than usual due to increased stress and labor. Some of the more common causes of this problem include clogged filters and refrigerant leaks. Although homeowners can easily swap out dirty and clogged filters on their own, only professional HVAC technicians should handle refrigerant leaks.

The Need For Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs

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AC systems are generally quite reliable. This equipment rarely breaks down or acts up, especially when it’s relatively new. Air conditioner problems tend to occur after the 10-year mark due to accumulated wear and tear. Then problems can start occurring with increasing frequency. Scheduling AC repairs on a regular basis can be a real drain on your cash. You should seriously think about replacing the entire system as a way of cutting your losses and getting a totally fresh start. Get in touch with a trusted HVAC technician so that you can make an informed decision about this important home equipment.

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The Airflow From Your Air Conditioner Is Insufficient

Insufficient airflow is an air conditioner problem that you might suspect. Poor airflow could be the result of several underlying issues ranging from a blocked filter to a broken or damaged motor. These are issues that have to be taken care of right away if overall performance is to be approved. Setting up annual AC tune-ups is a great way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

High Levels Of Indoor Humidity

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In addition to providing cooled air, air conditioners are also designed to help moderate indoor humidity. This is why entering an air-conditioned room feels so nice after you’ve spent some time out in the sun. If your air conditioner no longer has the ability to lower humidity levels, then everyone will start feeling uncomfortable and sticky. Re-calibration and repairs are able to fix the problem. Homeowners can additionally think about having whole-house dehumidifiers installed. HVAC experts can assess your needs to offer individualized advice on the best actions to take.

Frequently Cycling Off And On

Air conditioners cycle off and on fairly regularly during normal operation. If you find that the frequency of cycling is increasing, however, there may be problems with your home cooling equipment. Once you’ve had the system professionally tuned up, things may go right back to normal. If your system has been cycling frequently since it was installed, it could be that the equipment is too large for the building and needs to be replaced. With an air conditioner replacement, your HVAC specialist will be able to accurately calculate the correct air conditioner size for your home so that this problem won’t occur again.

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Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Indoor humidity is reduced in your home by the air conditioner as it cools the air around the coils until condensation occurs. This condensate is gathered into a container before flowing out of the system in a very orderly fashion. Issues sometimes develop along this channel, thereby causing leaks. Air conditioner water leaks can damage flooring and other building structures if they aren’t caught and corrected early on. Technicians can eliminate this by cleaning the interior of the system.

The AC System Is Emitting Foul Smells

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Moisture at the interior of the air conditioner can attract issues with mold and many other pathogens. As time goes on, this may make your air conditioner emit foul smells. These homes can make the living environment downright unbearable. They can also be quite embarrassing when hosting guests. Letting the problem fester will only make it worse, so take care of it right away. Have HVAC experts do a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner and the ducts throughout your home. AC tune-ups can also be beneficial to this end. If necessary, certain high-tech solutions could be recommended such as the installation of germ-eliminating UV lamps.

Unusual Air Conditioner Sounds

A low humming sound coming from your air conditioner is quite normal. However, any sudden, loud noise is not. Rattling noises often mean that parts have come loose whereas grinding sounds indicate a damaged or broken compressor. Listen carefully to your unit to determine what kind of sound you’re hearing, given that each noise can point to a very specific problem. At the least, you’ll probably need a tune-up. The technician will diagnose the problem to determine the best course of action.


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