Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

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For some homes, keeping the indoor living space cool can be quite a challenge. Households that have older cooling units, window AC units, or absolutely no AC at all tend to deal with a tremendous amount of discomfort. Consumers who own old central AC systems or window units can also deal with incredibly high energy bills. Anyone dealing with sub-par cooling in the home should consider having a central air conditioner installed given that this can be a very effective and efficient choice. Sadly, these types of cooling systems are plagued by a number of common misconceptions.

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Common Myths About Central Cooling Systems

This article aims to dispel some of the more common misconceptions about central cooling while offering a few important and accurate air conditioning facts. This will allow you to make a highly informed purchasing decision when selecting a new air conditioner for your home cooling needs.

Misconception #1: Significant Remodeling Is Required For AC System Installation

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Many people steer clear of central AC because they believe that the related remodeling costs will be sky-high. For instance, many older properties do not have the ductwork for supporting this type of cooling system. Installing ductwork post-construction could diminish the overall structural integrity of the building. This process would also be disruptive for those living inside the home. Although it’s true that this type of procedure was once necessary for central AC installation in some cases, this is no longer the case. Models using smaller-sized ducts and high-powered circulators can easily fit into the home.

Misconception #2 – It Costs A Lot To Run Central Air Conditioning

The assertion that central cooling systems are costly to run isn’t true. The energy consumption for a central AC unit is comparable to that of other cooling configurations for comparable coverage areas. Leaky ductwork is one possible cause of this myth. This is a problem that’s very prevalent in older AC installations. Over time, holes can develop that are difficult to find without diligent and routine servicing and maintenance from a professional. Newer cooling system installations that use mini-ducts are far less prone to developing holes given their vastly improved designs. This allows for a far higher level of reliability, greater efficiency, and lower operating costs.

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Misconception #3 – Central Cooling Systems Make A Lot Of Noise

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Another common myth about central cooling systems is that they make a ton of noise during operation. Consumers often base this opinion on personal experience or by analyzing the cooling systems in other homes. Again, this is an issue that largely impacts older, more dated AC models. Technological advances that have been made throughout the years have solved a variety of formerly common issues. The constant noise that an outdated air conditioner might make is little more than a distant memory. You can buy an air conditioner that has soundproofing built right in so that excess noise is never a problem. If you do, you can sleep soundly at night without any noisome interruptions.

Misconception #4 – All Cooling Systems Work Exactly The Same

When shopping for your next air conditioner, you should take great care. Don’t just blindly choose a system because there can be substantial differences between the options that you find. Some use a lot less energy than others and thus, they boast a much higher level of overall efficiency. Others have a greater ability to control the level of humidity indoors. Surprisingly, AC systems do far more than control indoor temperatures. They are also capable of extracting excess moisture from the air. This creates colder-feeling rooms. Moreover, the compressor won’t have to work as hard and less energy is ultimately used. Best of all, homeowners can recognize noticeable decreases in their home energy bills.

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Misconception #5 – AC Components Have The Power To Diminish Home Aesthetics

It’s understandable that homeowners are concerned about indoor aesthetics. A lot of people are leery of any upgrades that negatively impact their interior designs. Some feel that central AC is not a good choice due to this possibility. In reality, however, these systems can be completely inconspicuous when professionally installed. It’s possible to strategically position outlets so that unwanted attention is not drawn. These won’t clash with your interior decor but will instead offer quite a background functioning.

Misconception #6 – A Central Cool System Can’t Be Dual Purpose

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Long ago, there was only one thing that central HVAC systems could do. For instance, they could cool the home, but not heat it, or vice versa. As a result, it was necessary for homeowners to have two separate systems installed even though one of these would remain an idea for about half of the year. This is no longer the case. A central HVAC system can now handle both cooling and heating on the home so that you’re able to rely on a single system all year long. Dual-purpose system designs are far easier to use and much more convenient all-around. The installation for these is also cheaper and less costly. Many of these options are able to operate at a very high level of efficiency for additional savings.

It’s easy to see that the most common cooling system myths aren’t always true. Old problems have been eliminated with truly innovative HVAC solutions. Before deciding against a central cooling system, find out about the most recent models from a reputable HVAC contractor and supplier.

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