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Picture yourself waking up on a pleasant summer morning and going to your garage to catch up on a couple of garage chores, only to open your garage door and immediately feel a burst of hot air. No one wants to go through that every time they open their garage in summer. There are plenty of things that we enjoy working on in our garages including carrying out some woodwork, polishing the car, or even re-potting plants. It can be quite uncomfortable working in a closed space when it is very hot, even in cases where you have a fan in your garage.

What you need to make your garage a comfortable area is a good quality garage air conditioner. In this article, we discuss why homeowners should opt for the best ductless for garage Westbrook CT. We also discuss why central HVAC systems and window AC units are not viable options in this case.

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Why It Is Necessary To Install A Garage Air Conditioner

We all use our garages for different purposes besides storing our motor vehicles. If there is ample space in the garage, it can be the perfect place to set up a home gym, workshop, or you can use it as a game room instead. If you are someone who spends time in the garage and you live in an area where it is very hot during summer, you are going to have to find ways to make that space more comfortable. You can try and open the windows. However, if it’s hot and humid outside, it will simply be hot and humid inside as well. An air conditioning system is a good buy. However, it has certain disadvantages that you need to be aware of before you have it installed in your garage.


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Generally, people tend to keep chemicals such as pesticides and gasoline in their garages. Running engines also produce harmful chemicals. These chemicals can produce gases that if inhaled, can be harmful. That is why it is advised that if you have already installed a central air conditioning unit in your home, you should not use it to cool the garage area as well. These chemicals can get into the ductwork and then spread to the rest of the house. This is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Making use of a ductwork extension is not going to solve the problem. Not only is that a bad idea, but you will also be contravening the housing inspection code. Making use of an extension will put a lot of stress on the central AC unit as there will be a lot of air that needs cooling.

Volume Consideration

You cannot think of cooling your garage without taking into consideration volume. Most people’s garages have more volume in comparison with other rooms in the house because they do not have ceilings. This means the garage is usually the largest space in most homes. It usually has an average of fifty percent more air volume when one compares it with a room that is the same size but comes with a complete ceiling.

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Less Insulation


Garages are not easy to keep cool because they are not properly insulated. That fact remains even if you install a top-notch air conditioning system. That is why it is important to make sure that before you make use of an HVAC unit in the garage, you insulate the ceiling, walls, and doors. This helps to minimize the air that will need to be cooled. Another issue to take into account is indoor air quality.

The Quality Of Air Indoors

Connecting your central AC unit to the garage will result in poor interior air quality. What you want is a situation where you have balanced airflow in your entire house, including the garage. In terms of airflow, the standard guideline is that for every cubic foot per minute (cfm) that enters, another cfm must go out. What this means is that if the system pulls 1200 from your home and only puts back 800, 400 cfm will have to be pulled from elsewhere; either from under the walls, from the gas water heater flue, or from your garage.

Pulling from the gas water heater flue can be very dangerous. When air is drawn down the flue when heating the water heater, the fumes cannot go up the flue. This is called back-drafting. When that happens, carbon monoxide can be released into the house and if carbon monoxide gets into your lungs, the consequences can be fatal.

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How To Properly Air Condition The Garage

mitsubishi heating and cooling system

If you are in a position where you have to make use of your garage often and you really need an air conditioning system, just make sure that you go for a unit that has no links with the central unit. The unit that you choose must be specifically made for garage use only. You can go for a ductless heat pump or a ductless mini-split for year-round comfort. The benefits of such a unit are that it is simple to turn off, small, is an energy saver and it does not require ducts. You can also opt for the simpler and cheapest choice, which is window units. Their downside however is that they are not as effective as a good quality ductless HVAC system.


Different Methods To Cool The Garage

Window Air Conditioner

window AC unit

In terms of effectiveness, this is the least effective option. However, some people choose this method because it is the cheapest option. It might not be so bad if you live in an area that does not experience hot weather conditions. If you do and you require something that is more effective, this will not be the right method for you.

From a practical standpoint, using a window or wall unit is not an ideal way to cool your garage. This is because it requires cutting a huge hole in the wall. In terms of appearance, such a hole will be very unattractive; bearing in mind that a lot of garages are situated in the front where everyone can see. More importantly, there is the problem of security. It will be very easy for a burglar to just shove the contraption through the hole in order to enter your home.

Apart from being less effective, a window unit can also be quite noisy. Also, should there be a fault with the unit, repair parts will not be easy to come by. In other words, this option is not going to produce the best result.

What Are The Advantages Of Window Air Conditioners?

  • They are a lot cheaper.
  • There is no need to look for someone who can install the unit for you as you can simply do it yourself.
  • All you have to do in order to start using the window air conditioner is to plug it into your wall outlet. But, make sure that you do not utilize more than one unit.

Disadvantages Of Window Air Conditioners

  • You cannot avoid cutting a hole in the wall.
  • When you want to replace it with a new one you might have issues with the size of the hole which can either be too small or too big.
  • You will constantly worry about security.
  • They are generally unappealing and noisy.
  • You might find that it won’t give you the result you wanted.
  • This air conditioning unit can also cause mold to develop, leading to poor IAQ.
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Ductless HVAC Units

Ductless units are the best choice for those people who reside in areas that experience weather conditions that are extreme. So, if you are looking for something that will meet your expectations in as far as cooling or heating your garage, go for a ductless system.

In terms of functions, the ductless mini-split unit works in the same way that a central air conditioner works; it is just smaller. It features a heat exchanger that you put outside your garage. There are lines that are in the walls which carry cold liquid. The cold liquid cools the air. The output system, or indoor air handler, can be placed where it can be most efficient.

Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

  • They can last longer when compared with most central air conditioning contraptions.
  • They are very effective.
  • They are among the top-ranking heating and air conditioning methods.
  • You will not have an issue with noise.
  • They do not require a lot of space as they are quite small.
  • Security will not be an issue because there will be no cutting large holes in the wall.
  • It is both a cooling and heating system, which makes it perfect for both summer and winter.

Disadvantages Of A Ductless Air Conditioner

  • It is more expensive.
  • Only an experienced HVAC technician can do the installation. You also want to avoid buying these systems online.
  • When you want it removed for whatever reason, it will be tricky to remove. In most cases, it just becomes a permanent fitting.



If you choose the ductless split unit for your garage, it means that you will have a comfortable workspace all year long. A quality system will also provide you with better indoor air quality and safety all year round. For more details about the energy-saving ductless unit, call a licensed HVAC contractor. When you have the right information, it will be easier to make the right choice when it comes to buying and installing a ductless split system.

Typical Ductless FAQ’s

How Does A Ductless Air Conditioning Unit Work?

These systems feature an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler. What the air handler does is that it distributes cooled air into your house and garage.

Is It Easy To Install Ductless HVAC Systems?

Installing a mini-split unit is quite simple. The technician drills a hole in the wall which will be about 3 inches in diameter. Then, the cables between the outdoor unit and the air handler will be connected. The process can be easy and quick, especially if it’s done by someone who is experienced; it shouldn’t take him more than a few hours.

What Are The Other Spaces Where A Ductless Mini-Split System Can Be Used?

Apart from the garage, these units are perfect for sunrooms, room additions, as well as an energy-saving addition to the central cooling and heating system.

Just How Expensive Are Ductless Heating And Cooling Units?

There are a number of factors that determine how much you are going to pay for purchasing and installing these systems. The factors include the capacity of the system, the price of both the outdoor and indoor devices, and the installation. You should note, however, that it is generally more expensive to install a multi-zone ductless unit.

What Makes Ductless Units More Energy-Efficient?

Most people choose these systems because of how easy it is to customize the temperature. You can choose to turn it on only when you are in the garage, and you can just switch it off before you leave. This means that it doesn’t have to stay on even when you are not in the garage. The unit is also more effective because of the lack of ductwork. According to experts, if there is a leak in the ductwork, about 30 percent of energy is lost. With this system, you will not have to worry about that. Plus, the units have high HSPF and SEER ratings.

They are designed in such a way that constant temperature can be maintained in the house. You will be able to achieve this whether the unit is on high or low speed. This helps to minimize energy linked to regular cycling.

How Effective Is A Ductless Heat Pump When It Is Extremely Cold?

The companies that manufacture these pumps make sure that they are effective even in extremely cold temperatures. The pumps are referred to as extended capacity units.

How Durable Are Ductless HVAC Systems?

A ductless system can last up to 20 years when it is well maintained.

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