How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioners

central air conditioningAir conditioners are essential appliances since they make our homes and offices habitable in the hottest months of summer.

If an air conditioner stops working, people will look for someone to conduct emergency repairs since most people do not want to be indoors if the AC unit does not work.

If you have ever had to experience an air conditioner failure in the peak of the summer, then you can understand how unbearable it is.

It is often difficult to understand how people lived before the invention of modern air conditioning systems. Keep in mind that we humans have always been able to find creative solutions for many of our problems.

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Keeping Cool Before Central Air Conditioning Hadlyme CT

In the past, before the invention of central air conditioners, people used these techniques to try to stay cool:

1. Living Below Ground Or In Caves

For hundreds of years, people made their homes in caves. Caves usually have a constant temperature, whether it is winter or summer.

If you have done any cave explorations, you may have felt the temperature inside was quite cool.

Before the invention of central air conditioning, many people lived in caves that stayed cool all the time. People also lived below ground because the temperature there is quite steady all year as well.

2. Fans Were Used To Keep Cool

electric fanA fan will not keep you as cool like an air conditioner, but they can help keep you cool so the office or your home feel more bearable during hot weather. Fans today are still used to create better air circulation. Fans can be mounted on the ceiling, the wall, or the ground. There are many types of fans available for purchase today. They can be great alternatives to AC systems.

3. Dampen Sheets To Cool Down

Water absorbs heat from the air when it evaporates, thus creating a sense of cooling. This technique was used to keep rooms cool in some places before air conditioning systems were invented. Wet sheets were hung in doorways, which caused a cool breeze to form in a hot room. This technique was especially popular with the people of ancient Egypt.

4. Taking Cover In The Shade

A traditional way to stay cool is by relaxing in the shade of a tree. Trees usually produce shade beneath them when the sun is shining. The air in the shade will typically be cooler than the air that is in direct sunlight. This is the reason that many older homes have a lot of shade trees in the yard. If the air conditioner in your home stops working properly on a hot day, you can go outside and sit in the shade of a large tree while waiting for your HVAC technician to come.

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5. Mud And Brick Homes Stay Cooler

Many people all over the world use mud and bricks to build their homes. Baked bricks and dried mud will absorb the heat of the sun in the day time, thus keeping the home cool inside. At night, the walls tend to release the heat of the day. This keeps the occupants of the home comfortable in summer and winter.

6. High Ceilings Allow Hot Air To Rise

Modern buildings today tend to have low ceilings to save money on cooling the building with air conditioning, but older buildings often had high ceilings. This was an efficient way to keep cool as the warm air would rise and the cool air would stay at the lower level of the room. This was a natural method of cooling a home.

7. Build Thick Walls

Thick exterior walls are a very effective way to keep the interior of a building cooler. The thermal conductivity of the building is reduced. This results in lower temperatures inside the building.

These examples will show you that we have come a long way in improving our ability to cool a building. The old methods of cooling were awkward but they did work. Today you can easily enjoy a comfortable home with the use of a central AC system.

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