Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Autumn

fall checklistThe changing from summer to fall is an excellent time to start thinking about the cold weather that lies ahead.

It is smart to take steps by late summer to get your home prepared for the colder weather.

By taking the time to complete a few tasks, you can have confidence that your home will be safe and comfortable during the peak of the frigid weather. You can also save money on home heating costs that can skyrocket if you don’t take measure to manage them.

Fall Checklist: Preparing For The Upcoming Cold Season

In this article, you will learn about some essential tasks that you should include in your autumn checklist.

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1. Schedule A Tune-Up Of Your Heating System

furnace technicianYou need to have a reliable furnace so your home can stay warm throughout the cold winter months. By getting your home heating system checked before winter, you can take care of any problems before the temperatures get too cold.

Your furnace will work more efficiently if it has a yearly tune-up and it will need fewer repairs. In addition, having your furnace maintained every year will keep your home more comfortable and will lower the cost of heating your home. Be sure to call Wilcox Energy to schedule a fall tune-up for your heating system.

2. Have Your AC System Serviced

Your air conditioner has probably worked very hard all summer. However, now that colder weather has arrived, the demand will shift to your heating system. Before you shut down your AC system for the season, have it checked and cleaned, so it is ready for next spring.

You will be able to do some of the tasks yourself. Check the coils and carefully wipe off dirt and dust that have collected. Also, be sure to check the air filter. If it needs to be changed or cleaned, do it now.

Before winter comes, you may wish to cover some of the outdoor parts of the AC system to avoid damage from debris and ice. This will protect the outdoor components from the elements.

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3. Schedule Delivery Of Home Heating Oil

heating oil deliveryBefore the fall arrives, there is less demand for home heating oil. You can take advantage of lower heating oil costs by having your oil tank filled up now. To get a good deal, call a local supplier of heating oil such as Wilcox Energy.

By ordering your heating oil now, you can have a good supply of fuel for your home before the cold weather arrives.

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4. Schedule A Chimney Cleaning Before Use

Autumn is an excellent time to have your chimney cleaned, especially if your home has a wood-burning fireplace. A wood-burning fireplace creates a substance called creosote that can become a fire hazard if the chimney is not cleaned regularly.

Your chimney should be regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional. If the chimney has suffered damage, or if it is not working efficiently, your entire home could be in danger. This is particularly true if the house is old. Arrange for an inspection by an expert so your chimney is fixed and ready for the colder months ahead.

5. Clean Out Debris From Gutters

cleaning gutters in the fallA clogged gutter causes rainwater to overflow and pool around the foundation. It is easy to clean out a clogged gutter – simply brush away the debris such as leaves. You can hire a professional to clean the gutter or do it yourself with a leaf blower. A professional company will also check the gutter for damage while they clean it.

6. Prepare The Lawn For The Autumn Season

Cold weather can be devastating to trees, plants, and grass. Before the arrival of autumn and winter, be sure the lawn and plants are prepared to survive colder temperatures. In the fall, you should feed the grass and plants. This will give them the nutrients they need to stay healthy. A good way to protect plants is to add mulch near the roots.

If you live in a place that experiences extreme cold in the winter, you may wish to move vulnerable plants indoors, or place them in a greenhouse. If there is no way to move a plant, you can cover it for protection against cold weather and strong winds. Cloth fabric is more effective at protecting plants from rapid changes in temperature than a plastic tarpaulin. Take the cover off once it gets warmer or if it rains.

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