Why Use Propane For Your Standby Generator?

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If you’re in the market for a standby generator, then you will find that whole-house generators can be powered by different fuels. When using propane as the fuel source for your standby generator, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable power supply, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. It is an ideal fuel choice for your standby generator for several compelling reasons. This article discusses why a propane standby generator is the best option for your home.

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Why Opt For A Propane Standby Generator?

Keep reading to explore how propane backup generators work and why propane-powered generators offer the most advantages over other types of fuel.

How Propane Whole-House Generators Work

Propane generators work by using propane gas as their fuel source to generate electrical power. The process begins with the fuel supply, where the generator is connected to a propane storage tank through a fuel line. The tank stores propane gas under pressure, providing a constant and reliable fuel supply.

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Automatic Transfer Switch

When a power outage happens, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) detects the disruption and signals the generator to start. The generator’s engine is ignited, either through an electric starter or a recoil start mechanism. Once the engine is running, propane gas is released from the storage tank and mixed with air in the carburetor or injected directly into the combustion chamber. The mixture is ignited, and the resulting combustion process creates expanding gases that drive the engine’s piston, generating rotational motion.

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Converting Mechanical Energy Into Electrical Energy

This rotational motion is then transmitted to an alternator, a generator head, or a stator, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator consists of a rotor and stationary stator windings. As the rotor spins, it induces an electrical current in the stator windings, producing electricity. The generated electricity is then distributed through the generator’s outlets or a transfer switch, allowing it to power various electrical devices, appliances, or even an entire building during a power outage.

Propane generators provide a reliable and efficient solution for backup power needs, thanks to propane gas’s availability and clean-burning properties.

Advantages of Using Propane for Your On-Demand Generator

Propane Offers Reliable Availability

Propane’s availability is a key advantage because it benefits from an extensive network of suppliers that spans many regions. This widespread distribution network guarantees a reliable and consistent fuel supply, even during emergencies or natural disasters. Regardless of location, propane will be accessible when you need it most. This reliability makes propane an excellent choice for powering standby generators, allowing you to maintain essential electricity during critical situations. Whether it is a power outage or a severe weather event, the consistent availability of propane guarantees that your standby generator remains operational, providing you with the power needed to stay safe and comfortable.

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Longer Shelf Life

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One of the remarkable advantages of propane as a fuel for standby generators is its indefinite shelf life. Unlike other fuel types, which degrade over time and become unusable, propane remains stable and does not spoil. This means you can store propane for extended periods without worrying about the fuel quality deteriorating. Whether you keep propane as a backup fuel for emergencies or use it sparingly over extended periods, you can be confident that it will be ready and reliable when needed. The ability to store propane for an extended duration without degradation makes it a practical and convenient choice for standby generator fuel. This gives you a dependable power source whenever the need arises.

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Propane is a clean-burning fuel option for standby generators, offering significant environmental benefits. Compared to other fuel types, propane combustion produces lower emissions, reducing environmental impact. This cleaner burning process improves air quality, as propane releases fewer harmful pollutants and particulate matter. By choosing propane as the fuel source for your standby generator, you contribute to minimizing air pollution and promoting a healthier environment. It is an environmentally responsible choice that aligns with sustainability goals and helps create a greener future. With propane, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a reliable power supply while prioritizing the planet’s well-being.

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Efficient and Dependable

Propane-fueled standby generators are renowned for their exceptional efficiency and reliability. Propane burns efficiently, allowing for a complete combustion process and maximizing the energy output. This efficiency translates into stable and consistent power generation, making sure your standby generator performs reliably when called upon. Propane’s efficient combustion results in minimal fuel waste, reducing overall fuel consumption. This helps optimize the operational cost of running the generator and helps your fuel supply last longer during extended power outages or emergencies. The efficiency and reliability of propane-fueled standby generators make them a trusted and practical choice for dependable backup power solutions.

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Propane offers a financial advantage as its prices are more stable than other fuel types. Fluctuations in fuel prices can impact the cost of running a standby generator, but propane’s stability provides predictability and helps budget fuel expenses. Propane generators also require less maintenance compared to generators running on other fuel types. Propane’s clean-burning properties result in fewer deposits and carbon buildup, reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks such as cleaning or replacing spark plugs. With lower maintenance requirements, propane standby generators can save time and money, making them a cost-effective choice for powering your standby generator.

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Easy to Operate

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Propane standby generators are ideal backup power solutions because they are very easy to operate. The second the power goes out, your propane standby generator will start up right away. 

Generators that are powered by other fuels may experience issues where they develop carbon deposits. These deposits cause a slew of issues, including:

  • Sputtering
  • Rough running
  • Over-fueling
  • Smoking

Generators that are powered by other fuels are also notorious for having a hard time starting in cold weather. Fortunately, with propane, you can forget about all of these issues and simply enjoy its reliability and ease. 

Propane generators require minimal maintenance compared to other fuel types, with no need for fuel stabilization or regular refueling. Propane burns cleanly, resulting in fewer emissions and reduced maintenance requirements. The user-friendly nature of propane standby generators makes them an accessible and hassle-free choice for homeowners looking for dependable backup power during outages or emergencies.

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Reduced Risk of Fuel Theft

Propane storage tanks are designed with security in mind, offering enhanced protection against theft compared to above-ground tanks for storing gasoline or diesel. Propane tanks are typically more challenging to access, making them a less attractive target for potential theft or unauthorized usage. The sturdy construction and specialized features of propane storage tanks, such as secure locking mechanisms, further deter unauthorized access. This added level of security provides peace of mind, knowing that your propane fuel is stored safely and reducing the risk of fuel theft or tampering. Choosing propane as a good fuel source for your standby generator helps keep your fuel protected and available when needed, minimizing potential disruptions or losses.

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Opting for propane as the fuel source for your backup generator is a wise decision for several reasons. To make the most informed choice and proper installation and maintenance, consulting with your HVAC company is essential. HVAC professionals have the expertise to guide you in selecting the right propane generator and can provide valuable advice on installation, safety measures, and ongoing maintenance. Entrusting your backup generator decision to an HVAC company provides a seamless experience and maximizes the benefits of using propane for your backup power needs.

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