9 Reasons To Choose Propane Over Electricity In Your Home

image of price vs quality depicting propane vs electrical energyThe importance of clean energy is an established fact. We need to go green in order to preserve the environment and lower carbon emissions. We all must act today for the benefit of the future generations to come. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in a deeper climate crisis with catastrophic consequences. However, we must be careful about the strategies that we implement to achieve these goals. Many in the media are hailing electrification as the best solution in the quest for clean energy but that is not necessarily true. The conversion cost would be prohibitive, limiting the technology to people with limitless funds for their residential or commercial projects.

On the other hand, propane is a more accessible form of clean energy. Read on to learn more about propane vs. electricity.

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Propane Vs. Electricity: The Comparison Of Energy Sources

image of house and grass depicting alternative energy to reduce carbon footprintA lot of people are not aware that propane is an excellent green energy alternative. A side-by-side comparison with some other fossil fuels will reveal that it is the best in terms of giving a clean burn. It also compares favorably with electricity when looking at the environmental impact. Consider two homes with one completely relying on propane for heat while the other is depending on electricity. Contrary to popular belief, the first home will end up producing 30% fewer carbon emissions than the second. If the first home were to rely on propane not just for home heating but also for water heating, clothes drying, cooking, and space heating, then the gap will widen to 50% lower emissions compared to the all-electric house.

It should also be noted that renewable propane is in development. This will come from materials that are sustainably sourced including cooking oil, meat fats, and agricultural waste. This fuel is usually produced alongside biodiesel.

People who cannot afford the expensive conversion to electricity can use this renewable alternative since it burns just as clean while costing far less.

Propane Appliances

image of propane stove depicting propane stove vs electrical stove

Propane appliances have the edge against electric models when it comes to efficiency. This results in lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Running a propane water heater and an electric water heater simultaneously, the former can heat up the same volume of liquid twice as fast as the latter. This pattern holds true when it comes to clothes dryers and space heaters. The incredible efficiency of propane-powered appliances makes house chores easier and utility bills lower.

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Propane Is Nontoxic

Another advantage of propane is its safety. Those who use it can relax knowing that the substance is nontoxic. Leaks are uncommon but if they do happen, there is nothing to worry about since the environment will not suffer. The water, soil air, and plants will remain unharmed.


Propane Facts

Below are some interesting tidbits about propane as a green fuel:

  • When lawmakers crafted the 1992 National Energy Policy and the 1990 Clean Air Act, the only alternative fuel that was included was propane.
  • This substance is considered as the simplest hydrocarbon on the planet and it also happens to be the lightest.
  • Propane only produces trace amounts of greenhouse gasses which makes it rank high among the cleanest burning fossil fuels.
  • Fuel transportation adds to carbon footprint. Fortunately, most of the propane circulating in the US has been produced within the country or in Canada. This reduces the need for travel and lowers dependence on imports from abroad. The price is also more stable since it is highly insulated from international issues.
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The Drawbacks of Electrification

Electricity may have become synonymous with the green movement but it is not a perfect solution. The third-largest source of electricity generated in the US comes from coal power plants. As a result, the electric industry is the second-largest producer of greenhouse gasses in the country. The top spot is held by transportation.

What’s more, the numbers get worse when we add the energy necessary to extract, process, and move things around. Propane can reach 87% efficiency while electricity can only manage 32%.

What Happens When We Electrify Everything?

couple looking at energy costs and high cost of electrification

Although electrification has its merits, its negative impact must also be discussed. The bill that proposes the conversion tries to move away from heating systems that use oil and propane. It wants to shift to electric heat pumps instead. The problem is that there are states such as Connecticut which use natural gas to generate most of its electricity. Natural gas is composed largely of methane which is worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to its impact in global warming. It will not change the carbon footprint in CT by much and may even have a detrimental impact. After all, around 8-15% of the electricity generated by plants gets lost on the way to homes.

The current grid is barely able to cope with the demand from consumers. Brownouts are commonplace during summer when the use of electricity is at its highest. It is difficult to imagine how it will handle the increased load during winter.

Electric heat pumps are often used as secondary heat sources. They can provide warmth but they are not the best options in extreme cold. Systems that rely on propane and heating oil perform better when it’s freezing outside.

Regional data shows that the average installation cost for heat pumps is over $20,000. That is twice the cost of replacing current boilers and furnaces that run on oil and propane.

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9 Reasons to Choose Propane for Your Home

Electricity may be getting the biggest buzz in the media but it is not always the best choice. Below is a list of reasons why you should pick propane to run your home appliances:

1. Cost-Efficiency Of Propane

image of a homeowner saving money due to propane water heating

With propane, appliances can perform better despite using less energy so they are easier on the pockets. The Department of Energy says that people can save about $174 annually if they shift to a propane-powered water heater from an electric model. Propane heaters also cost about 50% less than their electric counterparts.

2. Versatility

Propane is a versatile fuel that can power more than just the home’s heating system. It can also provide the energy needed to operate the oven, the water heater, and the clothes dryer. In some houses, it can be found in the backyard running the patio heater, the pool heater, or the BBQ grill. It can even give the space a great vibe with a fire pit.

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3. Reliability

Electric grids are out of our hands. If extreme weather comes, then it could go down for hours and we are left out in the cold. With propane, the heater can keep going no matter what.

4. Storage

Propane can be stored for a long time without worries. The propane tanks that contain them are durable and don’t require much maintenance. Expect them to last for 40 years.


5. Accessibility

Rural areas may find it difficult to get connected to the grid. Electricity could also be prohibitively expensive in some areas. For an accessible energy source in the southern shoreline of Connecticut, call the pros at Wilcox Energy. We can provide you with propane no matter the weather or market conditions. Call for propane delivery today.

6. Fast Heating

image of homeowner feeling comfortable with propane heat

In terms of speed, propane water heaters have the edge over electric equipment. The former can generate two times the volume of hot water that the latter can produce over the same period. For clothes dryers, propane models can finish the job 25% faster while causing less static. Space heaters that run on propane also have better efficiency than electric heaters.

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7. Green Option

Propane may be a fossil fuel but water heaters that run on it produce only half of the carbon emissions of electric models. What’s more, the bulk of electricity produced in the US comes from coal power plants anyway which are far from being eco-friendly.

8. Longevity

image of a propane furnace.

A propane gas furnace is a sensible investment since it offers excellent longevity. Average lifespan is at 20 years whereas electric heat pumps typically last for only 14 years.

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9. Energy Efficiency

One gallon of propane can produce energy that is equivalent to 27kWh of electricity.

As you can see, there are many reasons why propane is a good energy source for the home. Wilcox Energy can provide all of your propane requirements so give us a call today.

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