Home Heating Oil: Top Tips For Summer

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Although heating oil may not be a top priority during the summer, it is an ideal time to focus on this fuel. With the sun shining and the boiler not in use, you can address various aspects of your heating system and plan for its future. Time passes quickly; before you know it, winter will arrive. Taking action early can guarantee a more comfortable home when the temperatures drop. To prepare for the upcoming winter, remember the following summer heating oil tips.

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Heating Oil Tips To Follow During Summer

Keep reading to explore some useful tips for oil-heat users in the summer season.

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Take Advantage of Lower Fuel Oil Prices

During the winter months, the demand for heating oil reaches its peak. Heating oil prices tend to increase as millions of households rely on this fuel for their furnaces and boilers. If you delay your purchase until the cold weather sets in, you may end up paying exorbitant rates. During the summer season, demand is typically low. Oil companies may offer discounts to encourage customers to purchase, so why not take advantage of these deals? Determine how much heating oil you require and place your order with Wilcox Energy. Don’t wait – place your order today!

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Inspect Your Fuel Oil Tank 

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Take advantage of the summer weather to comprehensively inspect your oil tank. This is an opportune time to thoroughly examine every part of the outdoor tank in your yard. Assess its overall condition and watch out for signs of damage, like rust, holes, or cracks. These problems can often lead to the accumulation of water in your oil tank and other complications. Make sure that the tank legs are stable and the lids are tightly sealed. Be proactive. If your oil tank is nearing the end of its lifespan or displaying signs of wear and tear, consider scheduling a heating oil tank replacement.

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Schedule an Oil Heating System Service

Homeowners may notice overt signs of damage; they can easily overlook the subtler indicators. Only through the expertise of certified HVAC technicians can emerging problems in an oil heating system be detected at their earliest stages. HVAC professionals possess the necessary training to identify issues that may elude others. They can reach inaccessible areas and perform advanced tests for thorough problem assessment. Equipped with the appropriate tools, they can also conduct comprehensive cleaning and fine-tuning of the system. Schedule furnace or boiler service at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. By relying on these skilled individuals, homeowners can prolong the lifespan of their heating equipment and enhance its reliability.

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Secure the Outdoor Tank

Storage tanks hold precious fuel that is highly valuable. However, their exposure in open areas makes them susceptible to theft, making them an attractive target for criminals. These intruders often siphon the oil into alternative containers and illicitly resell the stolen fuel. Sometimes, they may even observe the delivery trucks to identify homes with newly replenished supplies. To safeguard your tank, conceal it from view along the road. You can erect a fence or strategically plant bushes to shield it from prying eyes. There must be sufficient space around the tank for proper airflow and adherence to fire safety regulations. Additional security measures include:

  • Locking the tank.
  • Installing an oil tank alarm system.
  • Positioning a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera nearby.

By implementing these precautions, you can enhance the protection of your storage tank and minimize the risk of oil tank theft or unauthorized access.

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Take Advantage of the Summer DownTime

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Summer presents an ideal opportunity to embark on significant changes and improvements. One area of focus is replacing old tanks with new ones to prevent potential issues and potentially enhance storage capacity. Consider repairing or upgrading the boiler during this time. If you frequently deal with breakdowns, a complete HVAC system replacement is worth considering. Undertaking these projects during summer is advantageous as it allows for sufficient time for completion without the urgency of critical heating needs.

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Check the Fill Pipe Accessibility

Maintain easy access to the fill pipe of the heating oil delivery trucks. Occasionally, the surrounding area may become overgrown with foliage, so it is essential to regularly inspect and monitor the growth of bushes around the tank. If needed, trim the bushes to keep the fill pipe clear and easily accessible. Mark the location of the fill pipe to facilitate the delivery team in locating it swiftly and efficiently. By staying vigilant and proactive in clearing the area, you can facilitate seamless access for the delivery trucks and streamline the refueling process.

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Choose a Better Oil Delivery Company

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If you are unhappy with the services your current heating oil delivery company provides, it is time to explore alternative options. Start by compiling a list of other oil delivery companies in your area and investigating what customers say about them. Other companies can fulfill their delivery promises promptly, providing you with a more satisfactory experience. You may also uncover the possibility of lower rates or better deals by exploring different providers. Get recommendations from your friends and neighbors regarding their experiences with delivery services. Doing so will give you great insights into what to expect from potential new providers.

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Prevent Oil Tank Condensation

Oil tank condensation is a significant factor that contributes to potential damage. Water accumulation within the tank can lead to corrosion and weaken the integrity of its walls over time. This issue can become more pronounced when the tank is nearly empty, as the available space can be occupied by moist air. Do not let the tank run low on oil, even during summer. By arranging for regular oil deliveries to keep the tank adequately filled, you can help prevent condensation from occurring and mitigate the associated risks of corrosion and structural weakening.

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Although it may appear counterintuitive, summer is ideal for maintaining your tank and boiler. It becomes challenging to carry out extensive work on these systems during winter when they must operate consistently. During the summer, they tend to have less demand and are often idle, providing a suitable time for necessary maintenance tasks. Take advantage of this period to perform essential upkeep and inspections on your tank and boiler. Review your oil budget and explore more efficient methods for scheduling your next delivery. By prioritizing these tasks in summer, you can ensure that your tank and boiler are in optimal condition and prepared for the upcoming colder months.

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