Four Natural Ways To Increase The Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

dry indoor air qualityHumidity is associated with muggy and uncomfortable conditions by most people. However, there is a range of benefits that come with maintaining the right levels of moisture inside your house during the winter. In particular, the proper humidity levels play an essential role in helping to keep you healthy and comfortable throughout the heating season.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that you can reduce your heating expenses by maintaining a 30-60% humidity level inside your house. That is because humid air is usually more efficient at retaining heat than dry air is.

In other words, if you maintain the right level of humidity inside your house, you will not need to crank up the heat. That will result in less energy being used to heat your home.

However, if the air is too dry inside your house, you compensate by turning up the thermostat. As a result, your heating system will end up having to work harder and longer to heat your home, which leads to higher heating bills.

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Best Ways For Dealing With Dry Indoor Air

Homeowners need to learn effective ways of maintaining the correct humidity levels inside their houses during the winter. That way, their home heating expenses will be less, and it will eliminate the discomfort that dry air is associated with. We will be discussing four natural methods for increasing humidity in your house in this article.

Steps You Should Take In Your Kitchen And Bathroom

steamy bathroomIf you like to take warm baths, your bathwater can be used to help humidify in your house. More specifically, after you take a bath, don’t immediately empty your bathtub after you get out of the bathtub. Leave the water in the tub instead for a while and let it evaporate. That will help to increase your home’s humidity levels.

Also, keep your bathroom door open after you take a shower. When you do that, it enables the moist warm air to spread throughout the house. Also, if you wash your dishes by hand, use a stopper so that the warm water stays inside the sink for a while. That will allow steam to humidify your house.

If you have a dishwasher, then leave the door open after you finish washing the dishes. When you do that you can air-dry the dishes and the steam will also disperse throughout your house to eliminate dry air.

Dry Wet Clothes Inside To Minimize Dry Air

Wet clothes need to get rid of their moisture to dry. That means wet clothes can be used to humidify your house. Drying your wet clothes inside will help to eliminate dry air in your home. For example, you can dry your clothes on a clothing rack and a fan can be used to spread moisture throughout your house.

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Add Houseplants To Your Home To Increase Humidity Levels

house plants and indoor air qualityTypically plants eliminate water out of their leaves through the transpiration process. That means houseplants can be used to keep your house humid. Along with watering, you can also spray houseplants with water regularly. Your plants will not only be kept clean and well hydrated, but it will add moisture into your home’s indoor air as well. So, buy a couple of houseplants to improve the indoor air quality in your house.

Boil Water To Increase Moisture

One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your home’s moisture levels is to boil water. Whenever water reaches the boiling point, usually, it will evaporate, and that adds moisture into the surrounding air. Or, if you would like to reduce your energy costs, you can place containers with water, like pans and bowls, close to heating vents or another heat source. This process will allow you to accomplish the same effect without needing to use extra energy for boiling water.

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Dry air inside of your house, particularly during the winter, can increase your heating bills. It can also cause numerous health problems, like itchy skin, runny nose, and congestion, and discomfort.

Use some of the natural methods that we discussed above to avoid those problems and maintain the right levels of humidity inside of your home.

Be sure that you have HVAC maintenance done regularly as well. Having tune-ups routinely done will ensure that your system performs more efficiently and better. Also, it will allow your system to adequately clean the air.

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