Avoid Home Heating Problems In Your House This Winter

image of the word mistake depicting home heating mistakes made in winter

Home heating makes up a significant portion of your monthly energy costs. As a result, many homeowners always search for the most effective methods to lower their energy bills. The bad news is that many mistakes are often made in the process, leading to various home heating problems. This article shares those common mistakes.

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How To Prevent From Getting Sick When Using Your Heater

image of homeowner with allergies dealing with dry air in winter

Many parts of the U.S. have been affected by harsh winter weather. Thanks to the wide availability of heating systems,  most of us are fortunate enough to stay warm and safe. However, we also need to be aware that improper heater maintenance and usage could lead to illness and health hazards.

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7 Tweaks For Energy Efficiency In The Winter

image of efficiency rating depicting energy efficient home

A major culprit for increased utility bills is poor energy efficiency. With a few affordable upgrades and simple efforts, homeowners can reap the benefits of lower utility bills and greater comfort. In this article, we discuss how to save energy in the winter while making your home feel more comfortable.

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Avoiding Scams With HVAC Work

word scam alert depicting professional hvac services

By educating yourself, you can avoid becoming a victim of an HVAC scam. It will keep money out of the hands of scam contractors and enable you to work with professional HVAC services instead. In this article, we discuss a few of the most common types of HVAC scams to keep an eye out for.

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Why HVAC Second Opinion Matters

image of second opinion signs depicting heater replacement

Old machines succumb to wear and tear as they get older. This is true for both ACs and heaters. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. We know that getting quotes from HVAC contractors can seem overwhelming. However, you can trust Wilcox Energy to offer you a trusted second opinion for your HVAC replacement.

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How To Find The Best HVAC Contractor For Your AC Maintenance And Repairs

image of air conditioner repair

When looking for central air repair, then finding a highly-skilled air conditioning technician is vital. Not only that but heating and cooling appliances need ongoing checkups and maintenance. Therefore, having a reputable HVAC contractor on hand is important. This article discusses what to look for when searching for an air conditioner repair company.

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What To Understand About Furnace Odors

image of a woman smelling furnace odors

Furnaces need maintenance like all other mechanical devices. However, they tend to malfunction even with regular maintenance. The key is to read the signs of a malfunction. Typically, when your furnace has issues, it will emit an unusual odor or noise. This article discusses some common furnace odors that you should be aware of.

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Locating Drafts In Your Home

image of a woman dealing with cold air leaks at home

If your electricity bill is far too high, drafts could be to blame. Drafts are caused by any gap in your home that allows cold air from outside to enter during the winter and vice versa during the summer. Either scenario forces your HVAC unit to work harder than it should have to.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Call an Oil Company for your AC Installation

air conditioner installation

An air conditioner installation is a major investment for your home. The company that installs it should be able to provide you with a system that is efficient and offers comfort for many years. This article discusses why working with an oil company, like Wilcox Energy, is the best choice you can make.  

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Propane Company Shoreline CT: Get Peace Of Mind With Each Propane Delivery

propane delivery by Wilcox Energy

Even if you lease your propane tanks, switching your propane supplier requires nothing more than a phone call.  The experts at Wilcox Energy will handle the rest. Many propane companies that service the CT Shoreline, including the towns of Westbrook, Essex, Deep River, Old Saybrook, Madison, Guilford, Clinton, and Killingworth, just don’t seem to be…

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